Hip-Hop Rumors: Birdman Finally Responds to Jay-Z's "Baby Money" Line

In a recent interview, Birdman FINALLY responded to Jay-Z's line in "H.A.M." where he rapped, "I'm like, 'Really, half-a-billi?' N---a, really, you got Baby money/ Keep it real with n---as, n---as ain't got my lady money." Check out what he said below:

“I thought that was funny for a n*gga to holler out “Baby money.” I was like, “Wow, f*ck, what do you mean ‘Baby money’? N*gga, that ain’t no little money. We around here getting it. It wasn’t nothing, we ain’t trip. I was like, “Yeah, since it’s such a big deal, f*ck yeah we got ‘Baby Money.’ That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from ‘Baby Money,’” he said. “I don’t think ['It's Good'] is a diss record. It wasn’t more than what he said. N*ggas was G’ing up about what was said. We did that, done that, off that brother. We’re on our money train.”

If Jay-Z could respond, perhaps this is what he would say! Click the video below:

"It's black and white, it's ink baby!"