Hip-Hop Rumors: Bishop Eddie Long Rumors, NewBirth Members Speak


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Some people don't get it, but somebody told me that I wrote previous rumors about Eddie Long regarding some of these issues. I don't mean last week, I mean years ago. But, I do a million rumors per year and I don't even remember. Well, this is what I am hearing from somebody that attends New Birth church as a member. First of all, the member tells me that he doesn't believe the charges are true. He said that the church has men mentoring boys to be men, which is cool. I think men are supposed to teach boys how to be men. This opens up a bunch of other opinions I have, but I will stay on point right now.

So, a few of these boys/men got upset at Bishop Eddie Long and decide to charge him with these homosexual and pedo acts. So, lets consider the motives behind the charges. One of the boys is apparently got himself in some trouble, which includes getting a girl preggers (if you consider that trouble). This person that hit me up said that he believes that this person is capable of shaking the Bishop down and even said that he thinks the guy's mother could be party to it too.

But here is the weird part for me, because I am not 100% versed in this as others....but...

There are four men/boys that accuse Eddie Long of coercing them into sex, among other things. BUT, from what I have been told there are about 30 OTHERS that are also in the wings ready to set it on Eddie Long. Now, let me say that I am not going to bash Eddie Long. I had some opinions, but I have to wonder...how are there four or even 30 people that all come forth and make these accusations? Everybody can't be a malicious liar. Everybody can't be willing to say they are gay for the sake of revenge, can they? I mean, in my opinion it takes a lot to get 4 straight men together and say they have gay tendencies...and then to say 30? That's just crazy. Then, there is some of the other damning evidence.

I also got another very interesting email that ran down all of the great things that New Birth church under Eddie Long has done. I can't even say anything. That's a mega church that does a lot of good in the hood (so to speak). From donating blood to employing the unemployed..a lot of good is going down there. The first email I got said that Bishop Eddie Long is a good man and he's NOT guilty of these charges. Hopefully he's right.

Here is one of Eddie Long's speeches that somehow they are saying relates to HIp-Hop. I have to admit...I'm looking at Eddie's hairline. That thing is different every time I see it!

BISHOP EDDIE, WE LOVE YOU! (NO MORE JOKES)They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!