Hip-Hop Rumors: Bizarre Quits D12!

Bizarre from Eminem's crew D12 has announced that he has left the group because of "creative differences." Bizarre was a part of the group for 15 years and was definitely one of the most recognizable members. Now he has formed his own crew called "The Weirdo Movement." Check out what he said about the split below:

"I'm not in D12 no more. We just had creative differences and decided to go our separate ways - well I decided to go my separate way. It’s a personal decision on my part. I think I’ve just grown as an artist and it’s time for me to branch off on my brand."

"I got my own crew called The Weirdo Movement."

Who knew he was still rapping? Will you be checking for Bizarre's new group?

Source: Hip-Hop DX