Hip-Hop Rumors: Bizzy Bone, Jay-Z and 106 And Park!

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Damn. I didn't know so many people had hate for the show that Free and AJ and Terrance and Rocsi made awesome. Well, the rumors were rampant, but premature. The 106 twitter account has been deflecting rumors of the shows demise. AllHipHop's news section even covered it. Here are the the tweets. Some of the replies were EH…harsh.

Anyway…I can't help but be a bit sad at seeing Terrence and Rox go.

We really need Free on my…I mean, on the air over there at BET.

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Honestly, I just did this lame rumor to post a picture of Free's assets.


Hip-Hop has gone into the level above the next level with this one. As crazy as it sounds, its so true. Jay-Z, an ex D-boy-turned-rapper, is now the president's friend. Wow. Beyonce smiling bigger than…wow.

Photo tweeted by President Barack Obama showing him with Jay-Z and Beyonce at last night’s fundraiser in Chelsea.
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AllHipHop got at the boy Bizzy Bone and got him to address those pesky rumors of drub addiction.

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AllHipHop.com: Anytime you get to a point like that, everyone always wants to say something. Those rumors that MediaTakeOut.com had about you being on drugs – how much did that bother you?
Bizzy Bone: I mean, you know what, I’m gonna be very, very honest with you. I can’t comment on that, and I can’t talk about that particular situation at this point. But just on my behalf and in my defense, I’d like to tell my fans, as far as the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony core fanbase that believe in the music, them grateful dead motherf*ckers that been there for 10, 20 years, some of them been there for two, three years, some of them been there for five years, I want to let them know everything that I’m doing is not just for me, it’s so I can keep putting out great music, they can keep enjoying music, and their children can see a young, vibrant, healthy Bizzy Bone that they used to see. And that’s what I’m doing it for as well, if that makes sense to any of my muthaf*ckas out there.

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