Hip-Hop Rumors: Black Wall Street Airs Out "Basketball Wives'" Gloria Govan!

A few months ago, rumors had been flying that an affair between The Game and Gloria Govan is what initially broke her and fiance L.A. Lakers Matt Barnes up. Well, Black Wall Street's Avante Rose wants the world to know that he has also hit that, too!

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 9.18.00 AM

Avante Rose has put Gloria on twitter blast and posted a photo of her laying on a bed wearing a "Money Gang" T-shirt. He has also engaged in a twitter war with Matt Barnes spilling intimate details of his and Gloria's alleged romps in the sack. Check out the tweets below:

These guys are way too grown to be having this discussion on Twitter! And Gloria needs to get it together! This alleged sleeping around that she's doing is getting out of hand.

matt barnes ar tweets 2
matt barnes ar tweets