Hip-Hop Rumors: Bone Thugs Clear The Air, T.I./Tiny's Mugshot, Shyne In Mexico


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Mannnnn...Its Labor Day weekend in America and I don't feel like doing anything. I know there's more going on, but I'm just covering the basics right now. If you want, hit me up with what you may have at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. Until then, here are the rumors!


Well, it would seem that the curse of the internet has struck again and the victims were Bone Thugs N Harmony. Krayzie and Layzie Bone got all messed up in a bunch of miscommunications for all the world to see. Fortunately, they put the Facebooks and the Twitters down and seemed to have gotten on the same page. Here is what Krayzie reportedly said, but deleted later.

"I apologize to all the fans that had to witness this it should have never happen this way especially with supposedly real brothers. I feel stupid myself for even being here like this on this level. Whatever happen I love y'all and I still love my Bone brothers cause that's where I'm from!!!"

Layzie Bone said:

"Fam I was wrong yesterday emotion superceded my usaul rational mind. Bone is str8 we've been thru worst. thanks for the prayers. they really do work. we'll see you out on tour. Much Love"


T.I. has been ordered back to Atlanta. I wonder what the parole officer is going to decide to do.


I wonder if she is going to do battle with Chris Brown.



Lady Gaga showed up to the Eminem/Jay-Z show in Detroit. Didn't know she was a fan like that.

Montana Fishburne is reportedly getting a lot of offers in mainstream entertainment. Nice message we send the kids. Meanwhile, she's decided she doesn't need her dad. She may be right.

Toni Braxton is losing her home to foreclosure. I'm sure she has money.

Amber Rose once thought DMX was the man she wanted to marry. Hmmmm, but she got with Kanye. You can't get much more opposite.


Don't email me about no hoe-a$$ editing and grammar. Here's Mikey T.

Mikey T The Movie Star back with the most exclusive info on deck

Shyne is filming a new music video in Mexico

he is filming the visual for "Roller Song" this could

be the most popular of his new records . Shyne is

going all out for this one Lakey the Kid of New York

an Actor Bones From Brooklyns Finest came thru to support

Maybach Dice is Back

with the first video from his prelude

to the Maybach Music Group Debut .

Dice told me Ross looking to put his music in

stores , Best Buy , Target ...Ross got the master plan

Dice is going hard with his online campaign shouts to Spiff TV .


Look out News Former Murder inc. Artist

Block Gang General is about to come

at the industry Hard body this dude is making

a come back working as both a solo artist

and a member of the Block Gang shouts to my homie Luck

Onyx Got a Show coming up in Mass Sept. 15th

Tickets are as low as 20-25 Dollars to party in exclusive

VIP. Sticky Fingaz & Fredro Starr , smoking is allowed backstage

cheap bottles its going down in Mass

Shouts to illseed @MTMovieStar never Stop Grinding

somebody once said consistency is the key. holla at the kid

MovieStarManagement@gmail.com <<<<


I won't bother saying "what is the world coming to?" Its too far gone. A man rapes his girlfriend when she refuses to get an abortion. Peep this from philly.com.

When the woman who gave birth to two children with Thomas O. Hill said that she had another on the way, police in Burlington County say, the ex-con insisted on an abortion.

But the woman wanted to keep the pregnancy, police said, and an argument over the issue inside her home on Union Landing Road, in Cinnaminson, turned violent Sunday. "He got pissed off at her," said Cinnaminson Police Det. Sgt William Covert. Hill, 24, of Camden, is accused of sexually assaulting the woman in a bedroom where three children, including two of his own, were sleeping, Covert said. One child allegedly was knocked off a mattress during the assault, Covert added. "She's claiming he raped her and he says otherwise," Covert said. The woman, who is four to six weeks pregnant, appeared to have injuries to substantiate those claims, Covert said. Hill is being held in the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly on $75,000 bail on charges of sexual assault, aggravated assault, restraint, terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of a child. According to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Hill was paroled from prison on Sept. 10, 2009, after serving less than five months on terroristic-threats charges.

BONE THUGS N HARMONY, WE LOVE YOU! LOG-OFF, FAM!!!!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!