Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow Cracks Up More! Rick Ross' Old T.I. Diss! Tru Life Disses The Game?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


The daily two sense. People that are spectating...don't try to jump in the game and play ball after you see a foul. We do this daily even when we get fouled.


The whole Jay-Z/Game thing is starting to dwindle to a close, it seems. That didn’t stop me from getting this crazy rumor. A reader told me that he heard a song with The Game and 50 Cent on it (an oldie, of course). But after that he apparently played a song called “L.E.S. Riderz.” From what I was told the DJ prre-faced this by saying it was a song towards The Game for “talking about the boss.” He played the song and I heard the crowd went crazy for it. I don’t know if this means anything or if the DJ was just exaggerating. Furthermore, I don’t know what Tru Life’s status is. I thought he got pinched in some mess. Lastly, I thought Tru and Jay were no longer affiliated. These and other rumors….


This is really a very POINTLESS blurb that I really shouldn’t waste my time on, but if you read til the end, you might get a laugh out of it. One of my faithful readers went to Talib Kweli / Slaughterhouse concert on Monday in San Diego. Well, I heard the show went very well and everybody was happy that Hip-Hop was in the building. Well there was a dude in the audience that kept saying “Wu-Tang” and I heard Joe shut that down with the swiftness. From what I understand, Joe let dude know, he needed to stop disrespecting him and the group. I heard it was cool to see. Well, at least Wu and SH are no longer beefing. Anyway, this is the kicker. The reader that sent that to me said that this show was her first show since NWA. Oh snap! That is a long time ago!

Check out this video of Joe Budden “pausing” Crooked I.Pretty funny.

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Amy Winehouse has probably lived more “lives” in her short life that a lot of us through our…short lives. But, she’s had so much drama, there is a rumor that the singer’s life is about to be turned into a damn musical! Yep. Why? Liquor, drugs, a failed marriage and the fact that she is doing better have indicted that she has a story to tell. Since, she is ill as a singer, that’s where the musical part kicks in. Who knows if this will come true, but word is Amy’s childhood was happy and it took a turn for the worse when she got in the music game. Remember what she used to look like?

I just found this rumor…apparently, Amy Winehouse has claimed that the “ghost of Michael Jackson” paid her a lil visit and inspired her to stay off the drugs. She said she heard his voice… Hmmmmm…I think it was the drugs! LOL!


Oh snap! This almost got past me too! LL Cool J recently said that the ghost of MJ ghost wrote a song for him. Well, not exactly, but LL did a remix of Billie Jean and he said Mike totally inspired him. "Michael was one of my childhood idols and has always been a great inspiration to me. After hearing the tragic news of Michael Jackson's death, the lyrics for the 'Billie Jean' remix came to me in a dream." I hope LL didn’t use the same stuff that Amy used!


Remember that Latina stripper that reportedly was the root of the issue for Kim and Reggie? She’s surfaced. I guess Kanye is off the hook now? Well, anyway…this Ortega women has stepped up and said that she is the reason for the break up. She also claims that she has a sex tape with Reggie Bush! Oh boy, this could get ugly! She did an interview with Hot 97 where she aired it all out. “Possibly… There’s stuff that I have. I have no idea what I’m gonna do with it, to be honest,” she said of a sex tape. I now realize this kinda broke yesterday…sorry for that! It’s newsworthy anyway!

Here is a dedication that some nerd did on youtube.

She also stated that she is not a stripper or call girl. (Wink wink!)


What is going on? They are saying that the girl on the left in the green is Charli Baltimore. She looks a bit thick to be Charli. This recession is kicking our tail huh?


I didn’t truly know if Wow Weezy is cracking up or bored with life. I reportedly wished he didn’t live so much as a kid. Uhm…ok. Anyway, he is now resorting to new ways of getting attention. Lil Bow Wow has picked up a voice module to deepen his voice when he talks. I don’t have it on me now, but the thing sounds like one of the monsters in a horror flick.


You know, these guys make a good couple. If I could get a steady girl, I would be regular like these guys. When Nicki Minaj comes off tour, I am going to make her name Nicki Monogamy. LOL…! Anyway, they say Beyonce ran to Jay after an earthquake. Solange slept through the thing. That’s how I am.

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I just wanted to pause on the rumors for a few to say…how does Jermaine do it! His hair is so smooth, so perfect and mine is so nappy and unkempt! Shout out to JJ for keeping it up all these decades. No shots!


Here is the latest on Yola Da Great, who is now in jail for the next year.

This one slipped past me. Actually, I didn’t. I just didn’t care. AJ sent it to me so I care again. Jamie Foxx is expecting his next kid. Nothing else really, but he’s already got a daughter.

Jamie Foxx recently played a show in Toronto and Drake showed up. The fans got a lil show from Drizzy. He said he was going against management AGAIN! I wish Drake would allow himself to heal…if he’s not.

Nia Long recently went nude for PETA, but I am not putting it up. She needs to be totally nude and not Photoshopped up.

A rapper is really mad at Kia Shine. He claims he paid Kia some money for a verse and Mr. Shine didn’t record anything. He’s upset that he can’t get his paper.

The 13-year-old girl that stabbed her granny’s man was reportedly an abused child. We’ll see.

Ice Cube recently gave a full scholarship to a music student. Great Job, Cube!

50 Cent is transitioning nicely into Hollywood. He just signed on for a new movie about Poker. Somewhere Lorenz Tate has got to be pissed!

Ray-J’s ex reality show winner Cocktail and Chris Brown are reportedly doing a lil’ press dance. They reportedly were partying and had a nice lil dinner together. I think fame might suck.


Let me tell you, Mouth is crazy! She is certainly vocal about a lot of stuff that I am not. But, I am going to let her talk ‘til the cops (or editors) come knocking. She speaks for herself and not illseed or AllHipHop.com.

With the exception of Superhead, usually I am not into reading tell all books. But I have just started reading “Deeper Than Rap” by Rick Ross’s baby mama Tia and I can’t put it down. She has promised to talk with me once I’ve finish reading it. I wonder if she knows that I GO ALL IN!!!!

I wish these rappers would please stop saying that scared money don’t make money. I tried that at Seminole last night and lost over a grand. My feelings are so hurt.

Could Vibe Magazine be making a comeback? I heard that its former publisher and the owners of Uptown Magazine have reached a deal to buy the magazine’s brand. I am really exited about that because it was one of my favorites.

With American Idol going through so many issues it’s good to see good old Tay Tay doing her thing. Check out her video below.

Solidifying the fact that he is no longer a gangsta rapper, Ice Cube has awarded an underprivileged student a full scholarship at McNally Smith College of Music. Where was he when I was in college? I’m like up to my ass in student loans, hence why I like to frequent the casinos. But I love when rappers evolve like this. I mean you can’t be like 40 plus rapping about blunts and broads. I heard that Plies also has a similar program for students with an incarcerated parent. And no, I’m sure Plies isn’t talking about your mama’s live in boyfriend or play uncle….I MEAN YO DADDY!!!!!! How stereotypical of me to assume it’s the father, but more than likely I am probably right, sorry.

It seems as if the Atlanta Housewives aren’t the only ones with money troubles, former rapper MC Hammer allegedly owes $600,000 dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Hammer is the prime example of why you “Can’t Save the Hood.” He epitomizes Dave Chappelle’s premise of “WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG.”

Speaking of The Housewives, I am totally addicted to that show. I love it. But I am hearing that Kim called the Po Po (Madea reference) on Ne Ne for choking her out allegedly. I hate people like Kim. They always want to provoke you but want to call the police as soon as they get the raw end of the deal. That sucks. I remember watching her on an interview a while back and she was playing phone messages sent to her by Lisa. The messages were threatening. She eventually filed for an order of protection against her.

Did anyone else see Garcelle Beauvias on The Wendy Williams show last night? She looks so beautiful. I would have never known that she was in her 40s. Damn!!! I also didn’t know she was from Haiti. My mama told me that black don’t crack and I think Tameka Raymond’s mother should have told her the same. Why is she blogging about her own personal struggles of having a dark complexion? It’s like 2009. I’m not saying that those types of ignorant ideals no longer exist, I am just saying don’t sweat it; embrace yourself and KEEP IT MOVING.

Lil’ Kanye, not Drake, is on the cover of Complex Magazine. I think that she is very intriguing. I wonder what else she does, other than model. Is she a rapper, actress or DJ? Please give me something…maybe she is a writer who plans on writing a book when the relationship is over, who knows. But I can’t keep seeing this broad’s face plastered all over the internet just for DATING KANYE WEST.

Did someone really fly a small plan over the Southern California cost line telling ‘Reggie Miller Stop Pursing Married Women?” I want the pictures? I would have been crying laughing if I saw that first hand. Rumors have been circulating lately, that he has been dating the wife of Alex von Furstenberg, son of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.Back to illseed we go!


Amazing. A worker at a church is in some real serious deep water and now faces sexual battery charges. Jere Temple, 58, stands accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy that he met in a program at the at a church in Auburndale, Florida. The kid’s mother allowed her son to spend most of his weekends at Temple’s home. Bad move. The teen finally admitted to mom that he had several sexual encounters with Temple. OH, there is more. Jere Temple is HIV POSITIVE. The boy is now in the process of being tested for the virus. All this happened while Temple’s life partner was sleeping. Temple is in jail on $1.25 million bond. He’s going nowhere.


I scooped this off the AP. The people are getting weirder and weirder. The cops are going after this dude that reportedly committed the vile crime of ringing doorbells. When the bells get rung, dude is naked. Police say Peter Allen Steele walked up to six houses, rang the ding dong and showed off his ding dong. Pause! Anyway, this had to be scary to anybody with some sense in their head. Steele is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds! Dude! On top of it all, they are saying he was drunk when he tried to get away from the cops. They caught dude and have him on $60,000 bail. He plead not guilty to a colorfully assorted list of charges, including driving under the influence, evading a peace officer, indecent exposure and entering a house without permission. Dude is 38 years old. The cops took him down creatively. They tasered his nasty a** and shot him with a bean bag gun. FAIL.


I guess this is for the ladies, but Trey Songz had the cameras on him behind the scenes of the new video for “Successful.”

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I didn’t realize, but this song is for TREY’S ALBUM. Click here to listen to HIS version. I gotta admit, I like Drake’s better.


I never really ever got WHY Rick Ross and T.I. were going back and forth a ways back, but I got this vid from my homey Luxx. Check out Rick Ross from 2006. A lot has changed.

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You know, I try to keep the variety up with these dumb rumors but the same people keep coming up over and over. Here she is. It’s not new or anything, but I am just changing my mind, which was not to post it previously.


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