Hip-Hop Rumors: Brandy Misses Friendship with Kim Kardashian?!

Brandly recently sat down with Wendy Williams to chat about her new role in Tyler Perry's new movie "The Marriage Counselor," and revealed that she misses her friendship with her little brother's ex, Kim Kardashian. Kim also has a role in the film, and when asked by Wendy if she spoke with Kardashian on the movie set, here's what Brandy had to say:
"I never saw Kim because we didn’t have any scenes together. Not because I cleared the way for her not to be around me but honestly I can just take this moment and say I really miss my friendship with Kim, I really do. I can’t wait to see her at the premiere and try to say something to her; tell her I love her and I’m here whenever she needs me."

"Kim, I love you, and I’m here whenever you need me and keep your chin up."

Brandy and Kim grew really close when Ray J. was dating Kim, but had a huge falling out after he allegedly sold the rights to their sex tape to Vivid Entertainment.


Their relationship was further destroyed when Brandy's mom sued Kim for running up her credit cards without permission! Oy Vey!


Check out Brandy's full interview below: