Hip-Hop Rumors: Bricksquad Affiliate Murdered Over Twitter Beef?

26 year old Bricksquad affiliate Jomo Adoula Zambia (better known as Rosemo700) was murdered on the streets of Inglewood, CA on November 2, the victim of a shooting.


Back in September we informed you all of an internet rumor involving Rosemo and Game in which he claimed to have knocked out the rap star at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, CA over a beef that started on Twitter between fellow Bricksquad member Ice Burgandy and Game.

Over the past few weeks, Jomo was once again involved in a Twitter beef involving his homeboy Ice Burgandy and Inglewood rapper Boskoe. The situation took a turn for the worse when CTE affiliated rapper 2Eleven filmed a brutal attack on Boskoe by Jomo on the streets of Inglewood which resulted in Boskoe receiving a broken arm and a bloody face. The footage of the attack was viewed by thousands on the Internet and even got a video response from the victim in which he acknowledged the attack.

According to an Inglewood police report, Jomo was shot Wednesday afternoon and was trying to drive himself to a hospital when he ran a red light and slammed in to a police car on Florence and Eucalyptus avenues. The officer had to be rescued by the jaws of life and was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition. Jomo however, died of gunshot wounds to his torso and arm.

There are no suspects at this time but many on Twitter and Facebook believe that this was connected to the beefs that started on internet social networks.