Hip-Hop Rumors: Busta Rhymes Dropped? Jay-Z's London Story! Chris and Rihanna Shop In VA!



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How is everybody feeling? I had a pretty good and restful

weekend. YUP! I sure did! But I got a few treats. First of all, check out my

dude Japcity at illseed.com, because he has a scathing R. Kelly diss. He’s from

The Chi too. He rocks over the Aaliyah “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” beat. I

wonder who wrote that song? Anyway, moving on. I also had some great BBQ out in

Jersey with some of my good friends! I can’t

cool so shout out to New Brunswick,

NJ on the love! Lastly, for all

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My girl Kiara got hit me up yesterday (July 6th) and told me

that Chris Brown and Rihanna were down in the town at the ball. Now, from what

I heard, the word spread fast that Chris Breezy was in the house, but nobody

believed. They did believe when 50 or so girls were chasing after him as he

exited the premises! He was there will Rihanna, his main chickadee. I heard

little kids were trying to talk to Ri

Ri and she wouldn’t even talk to

them or even smile. That’s what I head. Now, I heard Rihanna was going for the

rock chick look, rocking a wife beater, dark sunglasses and some jeans. They

also said that Ri has lost a lot of woman weight. On the flip side, fans were

pleased that Chris was very friendly and talkative. Opposites attract, right?


JP from Los Angeles

sent this story to AllHipHop.com. Let me stress that this was the absolute

perfect ending to a great weekend. To get it, you have to read the full story –

beginning to end. JP – I salute you.

“Illseed, I'm

currently on vacation in London right now and got the chance to go to Wimbledon. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Jay-Z cheering in the stands. During a break, all of the older Brit's and other Europeans there taking pictures with him and getting autographs. I was heated cuz I'm an actual fan and I was tryna get into his section so I could play him my ringtone (Hov's verse on “Mr. Carter”), so he could gimme free tickets to his sold out concert, or at least smoke me out - haha. Unfortunately, security wouldn't let me into his area and the other tennis match was about to start. So without thinking, while the match was going on, I stand up and scream "It's the ROC, b**ch!!!” Security immediately ran over to me and all of the rich Europeans looked at me like I had a bomb on me. Hov started cracking up and threw up the Roc while security was running towards me. Later on I saw that he was leaving early so I ran down to stairs to see if I could shake his hand or take a picture. He was already swarmed by people and he and his people were on the move. I jumped in front of him and shook his hand and I couldn't think of anything to say. All my dumbass could think of, in my Dodger fitted, was "When you gonna go at The Game" and he just laughed and said "We ain't even f**kin with him...we gonna let him commit suicide." Definitely one of the highlights of my first trip outside of Cali.”

Here is the picture:


First Diddy dissed Naomi and now Jay-Z is dissing homegirl?

Jay-Z reportedly let her know the real deal at a party that took place in London. Jay was there

with a bunch of other celebrating celebrities and then came Naomi Campbell. She

got there and then tried to get up in the mix with all the other big names, but

somebody namd Shawn made her pump the brakes. She tried to get into the area

where a lavish dinner was being served to all the stars. She tried to get in

and Jay simply denied her request. She thought it was a joke, but Jay wasn’t

even kidding with the lean model. She simply left, but not without cussing Jay

out something awful…not to his face…as she left.


I know Young Buck’s new manager is totally about his biz,

but I also heard that Young Buck might be bringing in some bigger dogs to

represent his cause – getting off G-Unit. Rumor has it, Young Buck is looking

to Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince to help get him out of that pesky G-Unit deal. Now,

let’s talk about the deal. I heard that 50 Cent believed in Young Buck so much

that he signed him to a multi-album deal. I totally think this can be worked

out. Why? 50 Cent recently stated that he didn’t see Buck as his enemy in the

same way as with the likes of The Game and Ja Rule. We shall see!


I’m definitely not feeling this rumor. Before I begin, let

me give you some back story. From what I have been hearing in general,

Interscope Records is going to be parting with a lot of acts that have been on

the label for some time. To be honest, I heard a lot of them are from the

G-Unit and Shady Camps. So, if you see this as a trend, you know why. So, I

heard that Busta got dropped from Interscope. I’m not totally sure where it

came from, but people are saying that Busta had a very heated argument over the

phone with Interscope Records President Jimmy Iovine. Well, it was something

over some songs on Bus’ album that I really want to hear before summer’s

end. It looks like I am going to have to

wait for that album. Sheeeeeesh! Maybe they can work it out after things cool



I heard that Shawty Lo and T.I. might have had some attempt

at peace – well a failed attempt. I can’t really call it for certain, but here

is what I heard. A few weeks ago, Atlanta

celebrated with the annual “Birthday Party.” Now we all (most) saw the video on

the net and everything, but did you hear what happened backstage? Well, from

what I heard, T.I. and Shawty Lo actually crossed paths at “Birthday Party” –

entourages and all. But, when Shawty Lo extended a hand to shake with his

adversary, I heard T.I. looked at him like, “I know this guy ain’t trying to

shake my hand after all this bullsh**t.” But something happened that shocked

all – T.I. SHOOK HIS HAND! Now, I heard that this gesture may have been a

tactical one. There were a lot of cops out there and both of these men are “in

the system.” Anyway, we all know T.I. has this new song, but nobody expects

Shawty Lo to reply to Tip’s subliminal disses. Did you know Shawty Lo’s real

name is Carlos? True story.


You didn’t think Cam’ron could dance? Well, I don’t know

that he can to be frank, but the people around him can dance. Yeah, the exotic

strippers that he was with over the weekend. My girl Necole Bitchie let me know

that Cam was down at Sobe Live in Miami

getting his swerve on. A pocket full of money and a bevy of broads will bring out

the fun in any rap deity.


More about the supposed Mack 10/Ice Cube beef. The last

Westside Connection album dropped around the same time as “Are We There Yet?”

Apparently, Cube wanted to concentrate on CubeVision and Hollywood. There were no touring dates which

we know is where the money is. From what I hear, Mack basically felt Cube

didn't care about anyone but himself and that he was keeping money out of his

pockets. I don’t know how true that is, because WC is still down with Don Mega.

I guess we won’t see that Westside Slaughterhouse reunion anytime soon.


This past weekend labelmates Tiffany Evans and Bugsy

attented a July 4th Party in Downtown Atlanta where they announced to us they

are currently dating and very supportive of each others careers. She also

confirmed she is still apart of the SonyBMG, and is currently working with J.

Que "The Clutch" & The Dream on her next single. She say she's

ready to show the world a more mature side to her and her music, rather than

being seen as just Ciara's artist. She also denied there are any problems

between her and "big brother" Bow Wow. She's been on an industry

roller-coaster, but promises to show us longevity! (Illseed DID NOT write this, by the way.)


Notice how she refers to Lil’ Wayne as “my baby” in all this mess.

"Nowwwww. Since we talking about the BET AWARDS…. Ms

Wacky Hoe??? You know dat Fix-O-Flat doctor dat was pumping yall Sissys asses

up got BUSTED!!!! They got you DRAG QUEENS in CRIME STOPPERS…..For having pump

parties… So yall betta lay low…. Dats why Trina aint been going back!!! Yall

know dats not HEALTHY!!! I feel that he should get what eva he deserves…

Risking yall LIVES like dat……… But on the otha hand……..I didn't think that you

deserved to get SLAPPED DOWN by Brisco…. Imma tell my baby WEEZY to tell Brisco

to leave you alone…. You know we gotta stick together???? Much luv.. Poe Boy!!!

Holla at ya GURL!!!! LMAO!!!! Now...... How in da hell you let dat n***a chump

you off, bout to slap you down at my baby's video shoot….. Causing all dat damn

comotion???? Dey had to excort your GHETTO A** out the building….. And quess

what yall??????? E.T. had to PHONE HOME!!!!! If you cant stand the HEAT…….Stay

out the kitchen…..Neva let them see ya SWEAT……

You on the radio crying and airing out your DIRTY laundry and I am HAPPY

knowing that I encouraged you to finally speak out on all the abuse "

I think she dissed her. Who knows/cares!?


I guess I will never

be hooking up with Lauren London. She lost me at “gun” She tells King about

what dude she is looking for:

“An authentic gangsta—that

deletes about half the rap game off your list. I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my s**t! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had

me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that.”

(Illseed note: I may need to verify this quote, because she

sounds like a bird to me.)

Soulja Boy and Ice-T make peace (AllHipHop.com News):

“Basically comments

were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself,” Soulja Boy explained to AllHipHop.com. “The GZA had said something about me one time and 50 jumped it in. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It’s the new Hip-Hop

sticking together and I love it.”

TQ responds to Baby of Cash Money seeing him in the streets

(AllHipHop.com Alternatives):

“And just to shut down

any "rumors"... Ni**as aint "seeing" sh*t in the streets but what they saw the last time they saw each other: Frankie Beverly and Maze at Essence Fest... Ooh Weeh! If that went over ya head, don't worry bout

it. N.O., holla if ya hear me!”

Olivia talks about leaving G-Unit (AllHipHop.com


“G-Unit was basically

all rap, so there was nobody there to help Fif as to what direction should he put Olivia in so… He always knew I was hot, he loved my music, but he didn’t know how to market it. It came off as him trying to market me as a rap artist, and that’s not what we were trying to do. We both talked about it before like this isn’t something new. I asked him for about two years that I wanted to be let go, because it was too much on him, it was too much on me. We split

amicably, but you know how the press always changes stuff anyways.”


I‘m hearing Scarface's new "super underground"

group Greencity finally has an album release date set for July 15. Look for it.

Erick & Parrish Making Dollas: EPMD has a new line of

clothing with skate wear brand DC. I’m already a customer.

Stay Broken: I see those Soulja Boy cartoon boys got their

panties all in a bunch. SMH. Ain’t nobody thinkin’ about y’all goobers.

Dame and Jay-Z Reunited!

The 02 Wireless gig which Jay-Z headlined apparently had a special

guest. I am hearing Damon “Dame” Dash was there among the festival goers. I

miss the good ol’ days!

I am hearing that neither 50 Cent nor Game will be on Detox.

I did hear that Snoop (you know this), Bishop Lamont (you know this too),

Eminem (this too), Cashis, Busta Rhymes and even Diddy will be on the final product.Go Shorty! 50 Cent celebrated his 33rd b-day in Atlantic City over the weekend. Also, G-Unit is claiming foul promo on T.O.S., which is expected to sell like 100k in week one. Interscope is on notice!

Regrets? I heard 50 Cent has expressed regrets for his “body

canvas” tats. I thought that big, ol’ “50” looked cool. I couldn’t do that so

it was cool for him to go through all that for his career.


A few months ago, I told you about the Austrian man that

repeatedly raped and kidnapped his own daughter over 20 years. Over that time,

the woman had seven of his kids. Right: this man stored his daughter in a

cellar, raped her and had seven children with her. RIGHT. Anyway, the “dungeon

monster” Josef Fritzl is writing a book on what he did to his daughter from his

prison cell. He is now 74 and his

daughter is now 42. She is terrified at

the notion if her darkest years put out there in print for the world to see.

She doesn’t want to sell her story and certainly doesn’t want her daddy to

profit. I hear other inmates want him to come out of his cell to kill him, but

he won’t leave.

S-M-H. They need the “Son of Sam” laws in Austria.


Go ‘head, Shelz:

So we hit you with the info about

Money Mayweather's weekend retirement party a week or so ago and that weekend

is upon us. The report I'm getting about this event is that the whole

town is involved and Mr. Mayweather knows how to treat his home folks. Of

course when I first heard the news, I immediately envisioned three days of

strippers and hot tubs; but no. We have carnivals and skate parties and

concerts and car shows and movie premiers. Wow! It sounds like the

weekend is all about what Mayweather can offer his peeps and that most

definitely is a good look.

However, in the midst of all this

Mayweather sponsored happiness and good times, we have his first

post-retirement interview. And it's obvious last time Lady Drama said go hard,

he was listening. Mayweather, speaking with The Press, accused the HBO

announcing staff of racial bias. He said they were overly critical of

black fighters and spent a disproportionate amount of time speaking of the

negatives in his life. Winky Wright co-signed saying that crew (Lampley,

Merchant, Steward) seemed to be in a perpetual search for the next great white

hype and had very little love for the boxing artistry that many Black fighters


Leave it to Mayweather to never

bite his tongue or watch what he says. I'm not going to say I've never

noticed this from the dudes who call the fights at HBO. But I'm not going to

say I have. *wink* HBO chose to take the high road and called his comments



Remember the NWA album, EFIL4ZAGGIN? Of course you do,

because you are a Hip-Hop head. Anyway, on the album, they use what would

eventually be the hook on the new Nas song “N.*.*.*.*.R.” (I'm a N***a, he's a

N***a...blah, blah, blah…wouldn't you like to be a N***a too?). Now, people

seem to forget that was 1991 and this is 2008. Hip-Hop wasn’t pop then, or

nearly as profitable. So, NWA didn’t have any issues over that lil’ line

because 1) it wasn’t a song, 2) it was a lil line and 3) they didn’t try to

make and issue like Nas and them have. Still they had to name their album

EFIL4ZAGGIN and not N****Z 4 LIFE for obvious reasons. Some things never

change, feel me? Dr. Pepper just doesn’t want that headache, G. (If you don’t

know what I am talking about, check out the rumors from over the weekend.)


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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