Hip-Hop Rumors: Busta's Fight & Potential Street Problem! Rick Ross Name Change?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

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Soulja Boy admired a prank he pulled on his Twitter account after pretending to have deleted the service. The rapper gloated by saying, "look how I tricked the media bruh" to another person. Even though he admitted to the prank, the artist seemed perturbed that many outlets mis-reported rumor. "Shoutout to all the media sites that posted I deleted my twitter becuz of a dumb a** trending topic lol basic a**es. thanks for the promo."

He didn't have me fooled. Nobody's deleting Twitter with 2million followers. Speaking of which...follow me! @illseed.BUSTA'S FIGHT!?

OH BOY! I missed this one or maybe I am just late, but Busta Rhymes was involved in some sort of infraction at a party surrounding the BET Awards. This happened at Mr. Chow's or some swanky restaurant. Anyway, whatever happened, happened. Some people are saying that Busta hit a woman over the head with a bottle, but some AHH sources are telling us that he actually threw a glass bottle to the woman. Striking her? Not sure. Here is the other side. I am hearing that the woman in question is the lady of a big time Crip in Los Angeles. From what I understand and hear, Busta may have a real issue right now. The "streets" are saying that Busta is going to need to squash this or he's not going to be able to have fun in Cali. RICK ROSAY!!!!!!!!! TRINA!!!!!!!!!

Rick Ross shot a vid yesterday with Marques Houston. I don't know the name of the song, but I am sure you do. Nevertheless, I am hearing that Rick is sporting some new fashions that require him to wear tight gear. Also, Trina filmed a video yesterday with somebody that I don't know who they were. I'll have more later.

Oh yea...Rick's not changing his name to Rosay. Sorry, folks.

There you go...some late night, early morn rumors! More later!

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