Hip-Hop Rumors: Chingy Gets Mad! Is Lauryn Broke? Where is Wendy Williams?


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All my Delaware, Philly and South Jersey people, I have the low down on where Wendy Williams and Charlamange went! From what I heard, there is a lot of corporate and business wrangling over Wendy in the city of Brotherly Love on Power 99 FM. I don’t have specifics, but they are looking to return to Philly’s airwaves asap. The only thing is, it might not be on Power 99. You know, where Wendy goes, the people go. I am pleased to announced that according to what I know, Wendy and C are going to be landing in Los Angeles later this month. That’s what Beyonce calls a good look better yet a hood look.


Damn, damn, damn! Laurun is possibly broke? Yes, says sources at Fox News

Sources say Hill was living in the Caribbean for a while as the mother of four children by Rohan Marley, son of the late Bob Marley. But now, insiders say, Hill is living in New Jersey with her mother — and the four kids — and may be in significant debt. Her only big solo hit album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” was released 10 years ago, if you can believe it.

How much more can we take? Poor, L-Boogie!


I think Snoop might be undergoing a transformation - one for the better.

The rapper and his wife Shante (not Roxanne) apparently renewed their vows recently. Now, I haven’t watched the show so I don’t know, but from what I understand this might have been televised. So, if you watch it, this is an old and boring rumor and if you don’t – you now know. Anyway, at least this is a positive bit of information for the rap nation and Snoop isn’t doing any ‘roids Shout out to the new kid that wants to be on the reality show.


I stumbed over thie pic of Brad Pitt and realized that Jay-Z and Brad have similar Euro styles. Who swagger jacked who?


I’m just kidding. Nore doesn’t eat ‘Roids. He also hollar’d at the kid to clear things up on that note. Here is what he said regarding Ja Rule:

Also although imma huge big fan of illseed, I wake up everday take a shit with a cigarette, roll a blunt, then go str8 2 the rumor section, its like my coffee, but I was misunderstood or perhaps it was a typo!!!!!! From me or the iPhone

I simply treid 2 disprove the Ja Rule rumors of steroids use, not approve of it and after looking at the blog again just now, I said Ja Rule isn't on steriods!!!! Period.

Theres a big steroids case unfolding now, and believe me, once I get settled and staple n my work plan, I'm hoping on the steroids trip 2!!!!!! I joke I joke! I kid I kid!!!!!!

My bad. I didn’t even know there was a Ja Roids rumor til Nore said it! Blame it on Nore!


Tyra Banks and her alleged boyfriend are having a hard time hiding their situation. Apparently, his name is John Utendahl and they were almost seen together at the recent BET Honors Awards in D.C. She got there and he got there a few minutes later. Some have even charged that she moved her whole show to NY from LA to be with the homey. Dude is an investment banker and caked up like it's nobody’s business.

MARY'S BIRTHDAY! Are you interested in seeing how Mary J. Blige spent her birthday? She was out in Detroit at GM's style event. And a bunch of non-singers sang to the Queen of Hip-Hop and R&B. See it below. Happy 37th, Mary..she's the diva.


I knew Mary wasn’t on ‘roids. I believe her. "Mary J. Blige has never taken any performance-enhancing illegal steroids,” said her PR flack. I don’t know about some of these others. LOL.

The Duh Rumor: Michael Jackson is only performing to clear up some debt. Duh…

I don’t think that’s New York in that sex tape. She should do it though…exposure by any means.

Looks like people are waiting for Wyclef to endorse a candidate so they can grab him up to bring in voters. I didn’t know he was that popular to Middle America.

Mariah Carey and Da Brat went on vacation in St. Bart's in the Caribbean and were seen in New York City.

Wyclef claims Michael Jackson owes him money. Pay up son son! Ain’t nothing sweet!


The White House on why “The Great Debaters” won’t be screened for GeorgeBush:

“There will not be a screening here at the White House. I could not get time on President Bush or Mrs. Bush's calendars.” (RIGHT, like he’s doing a lot)

A topless Brit Spears to police:

'I'm F**ing Hot!' (She said meaning she had an elevated temperature, not actually hot.)

Fat Joe on Big Pun not getting his props [AllHipHop]:

“I ain’t saying cats is biting his flow, I’m just saying a lot of cats is influenced by his flow. I never even wanted to spit that flow because I didn’t want people to say I was biting or trying to be like Pun. Then I seen it so accepted, I might as well go in. (Pun did give his props to Kool G Rap.)“


Travis Barker stays hyping up Hip-Hop songs better than their original format. Flo Ridah is the latest to get remixed. (Thx Brock)

He hyped up Soulja Boy a lil better…if you have been under a rock, you missed this.


Speaking of Wendy Williams, Chingy has some choice comments for Charlamange. Charlamange is rapping? I didn’t know that. “Eat feces and die, N-word!”


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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