Hip-Hop Rumors: Chingy Speaks Rage On Rumors!


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Warming: Chingy is going to air it out. But, first I wanted to get you a letter from a reader that talks about the seemingly false allegations about Chingy and a transgendered individual. The video is all rage from Ching-A-Ling.


Yesterday, the rumor mill went pretty hard at Chingy. I don't know this from that, but I do know how to pay fair. So, here is a counterpoint to the rumor from yesterday, where a transgendered individual (see how PC I can be?) claimed that Chingy was getting his swerve on...Here is a homey from the Lou and he's defending Chingy's honor. (I didn't edit this at all)

What's up Illseed, I been f*ckin' with the site for hella (like N.O.R.E said: since getting alerts on ya skytel) ... I know the Chingy dude personally & even though I don't really vibe with dude like that, we aint in the same spots, his sister "Z" didn't have no one holla at my folks to holla at whoever or none of that sh*t ... I can say dude aint on any of that HOMO sh*t. Whatever the tranny dudet trying to pull is that "hoe sh*t" & this is what DUDES who try to be HOES do, they try to put a nigga on blast with an accusation with no substance ... whatever ... like i say, we aint patnas, we aint homies & we damn sho aint friends, but Gage love this nigga to the last breath ... me personally, i feel like Chingy could throw another brick for all I care, the nigga won't be mentioned when I holla out "my mans & nem" but I can't let this tranny character sh*t on one of Saint Louis' own ...

P.S.: while these "Dudets" running 'round stirring up the bullsh*t, let's ask Howard a.k.a H Thugs ... Chingy, let's ask him why Gage ain't on hit records or at least on a mixtape ... a simple shout out! That's what he need to answer

... f*ck all the Gay Talk!

Sincerely ... Saint Louis' Finest



Chingy isn't feeling the lies about him! Check out what he had to say about the people trying to hurt his good name.

I hope we're still cool!

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