Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together?

AllHipHop Staff

I know it is Sunday, but I thought I would hit you all off with a rumor really fast. To be honest, somebody hit me with it and told me that tomorrow would be too late. I was bent on relaxing today, but I will continue to take it easy AFTER this. They are saying now that Chris and Rihanna are now back together, at least for a night. According to the paps at the New York Post, the former couple may be a couple once again.

They claim they spent this weekend together in a Midtown New York hotel and tried to hide it. According to law issued in California and the conditions of a restraining order forbid this interation. You think that stopped these two volatile lovebirds? The guys reportedly checked into the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Friday. People at the hotel snitched on them, saying that they spent a full two days together in the sprawling luxury hotel. There are no photographs of the pair, but this is what they are saying.

The report also claims Chris and Rihanna employ several tactics to throw off paparazzi. This includes decoys and other things. WOW. That sounds like a bad way to live. Imagine Michael Jackson’s life. Not to bring him into it, but it was much worse. There you have it. Chris and Rihanna may be back together…if only for a couple days.


Hopefully, they have grown and matured through all the drama. If people are resigned to work it out, work it out, but learn from your mistakes. We'll see how this rumor pans out!