Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Hearts Twitter Again! Joell Ortiz vs Nina Sky! Bone Thugs Lose Bizzy!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I supposed Chris Brown had to do something. Today, he went on a rant requesting support from his fan, because he is being blackballed and banned or whatever they do these days to stop somebody from blowing up. ANYWAY, I guess he decided to jump back on and get that fan-to-fan rapport back again. I heard Russell Simmons talked him into it somehow or another.


LMAO! I thought we were in store for the Twitter fight of the ages, but it got diffused fast. Here is what happened:

Joell said:

ninasky was the ny music industry sweethearts and they acted the part. now that the industry turns on them they want our support? NAH

And then Nina Sky said:

@JoellOrtiz My sister Natalie actually supports ur s**t.. I'm glad I don't.

Joell said:

@NinaSky Thanks for stating the obvious. Your lack of support for the Yaowa has been evident to me for quite sometime. I'll live. thanks. And Joell said:

I love @ninasky man! They were very rude to me once backstage at a show. Im being a jerk. Im sorry.

First Crooked I wouldn't take Ice Cube out in a rap battle and now Joell won't ether Nina Sky! No beef with Drake for Royce! I want Slaughterhouse to SLAUGHTER SOMETHING! (Kidding) Anyway, Nina Sky has been fighting to get off of their label. Good luck with that...


This is a great story one of my readers wrote. We love B.I.G.

Yo this is SDA from Pittsburgh, PA. I lived in Louisville, KY in 1995 for a hot minute. At the time I was Loc'd the fuck out! For those that don't know Pittsburgh was East Coast Compton! The gang shit was out of control, we were banging foreal not none of this fake shit these days. We were stealing cars riding around wit shotguns and AK's jumping out and smoking niggaz on site! Nothing I'm proud of because all the shit was a waste of time, energy and it was genocide flatout! Biggie had a Concert in Louisville and me a my lil cousin went. This is right before Junior Mafia album dropped. I'm up n that joint n full Bang Mode, braids hanging to my shoulders, black gloves, white T and sweat pants rolled up wit some swade blue Cortez nikes on! I was macking to this broad and after the show she got us backstage. Big was taking pictures wit a few shortys. I see dude peeping me from the side of his eye. I did look jive shady (looking like Ice T haha) tho, he was on point. I was battle rapping back then, So I say yo Big let's get a Battle on? He plays me off like he didn't hear me. So I get a lil pissed and throw up my hands like yo Big!? Let's Battle! All of a sudden Big snaps! Yo my man why you keep throwing your hands up at me!? What you think I'm a punk or something!? I'm like naw I'm saying do. At that point security starts yelling everybody got to go! Mad chaotic! They kicking me out and Big says naw dudes aiight tell him to check it out. Real Talk that shit was real, I was in the wrong and he still fucked wit me. I walked up to him and he said yo I feel you but you can't come at me like that B. Waiving your hands and shit you know. I told him my bad, we chopped it up for a sec, said he was starting a group junior mafia. He gave me his number and told me to hit up and I bounced. True Story!! He had a good heart. RIP Biggie That's my Biggie story. www.myspace/sda101 Shot out to my man Killa Pain, V Loc, Sneaky Swan, Lil Dub aka Hitman Homewood hold ya Head my niggaz! See yall when yall get home!


Honestly, I don't know what I was saying with the title, but it just seemed appropriate. Jay-Z is charming the mess out of all of these guys and they just want to be down. LMAO! I wonder how the protests went.

I think Jay-Z is a genius...as was Hitler! No, seriously...this is a big move. The shout out to Biggie was a very nice touch.


At some point, somebody is going to have to pull it together. At least the arrest rumors aren't true! Soooooooooo...Those thugs have an album coming out next month, right? Flesh is back with the group. They have a tour coming, but guess who is acting up? Bizzy. Bizzy will not be going on tour, even though he is featured heavily on the album. Come on, son!!!!!!! I hope this is just a temporary thing and not something that will result in Bizzy going wacko jacko again!


Man marries his pillow. No words. This is for the people that cannot see the video. There is a character named Fate Testarossa, a character in the Japanese anime series "Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha." This dude has a life size pillow and apparently is madly in love with the character. So, in Japan...they allowed them to marry. Japan is now reconsidering the law. Dude is 28. Epic fail.


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