Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Is A Druggie? Rihanna Tries To Fight Karrueche?

According to Media Take Out, Chris Brown's Angels got into it on Thursday. Rhianna stepped to Karrueche on Thursday at a Los Angeles club called Playhouse. Apparently, RiRi got a tip that Chris Brown's on and off girl Karrueche was at the spot. Who knows why she was on K's bra strap so hard, but she was - reportedly. Anyway, RiRi reportedly came to the club and went to K in VIP like WHAT. An MTO source said: "Rihanna didn't yell or act beligerant or anything, she just said, 'So you wanna TURN UP rice cakes." Why Rihanna uses these racist terms for Karrueche is beyond me, but they say she does. Anyway, another source said, "We were all stunned that Rihanna was so bold. Karrueche just turned away and tried to ignore her. Rihanna's friend [Melissa] was just there laughing." Rihanna just left the club. Sounds like a fail to me.

Chris Brown….On Mad Drugs?

The word on the street is that people are concerned that Chris Brown is on drugs way too much. Honestly, I thought he was just touched. Nothing wrong with being touched, but when you couple that with drugs, stuff happens. Seems like people are concerned and worried. I gotta admit, CB does have "the meth look." Unfortunately, "they" are mostly concerned with staying in CB's good graces that forcing him to look at these hard choices.

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More on this in a bit….

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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