Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Swears Off Interviews In 2012!!

Breezy Says No Thanks to the Media in 2012!

Chris Brown's manager, Tina Davis, recently told Billboard that her client would not be doing any interviews in 2012. Despite having a very successful 2011, it appears that 2012 is the year of staying out of the spotlight for Mr. Breezy. Chris plans on taking the year to focus 150 percent on performing and recording, so it's safe to suggest that a new album will be dropping sometime much later in the year.

His manager also said, "we're not trying to be rude, selfish, or disrespectful to anyone in anyway. If people are going to judge him for anything, judge him for his talent."

Coincidence that this is happening just days after reports were running rampant that he is getting back with ex-flame Rihanna? Who knows for sure, but don't cancel out any possibilities just yet!