Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown vs. CM Punk Going Down At Wrestlemania!?

Let's be real. This whole Internet/Twitter beef between these two didn't just come out of nowhere for entertainment's sake, or did it? It's more than a safe bet to say that this "war or Twitter words" is all happening to build up to this year's Wrestlemania which is just a little over a month away.

In the past, personas from all entertainment fields like acting, music, fashion, etc. have all made appearances in some highly-publicized fashion doing WWE events. Why should now be any different??

John Cena is already set to take on The Rock at Wrestlemania in one of the most highly anticipated matches in WWE history, so why would thinking that Chris Brown could be "fighting" CM Punk be unrealistic? It's not, at all!

Last year, actor Mickey Rourke and wrestler Chris Jericho got into a very similar war of words. Low and behold, Mr. Rourke popped up at Wrestlemania in a not so surprising turn of events!

Now the match that Punk is involved in is currently scheduled for Wrestlemania on April 1, 2012 and has CM Punk going up against Chris Jericho.

You're hearing it here first, DO NOT BE SURPRISED if Chris Breezy slides into the ring at an opportune moment during the match and fights alongside Chris "Y2J" Jericho.

Any wrestling fans out there with some insight? Do you think this is a reality, and if so, who's going to "win"???