Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Vs RiRi Part 3,000, Cassie's Still In There, Whitney Back On "The Stuff"



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SHE STILL GOT HIMEven though there were rumors floating around that Diddy would be getting married to Kim Porter over the holiday season it doesn't look like Cassie is out of the picture yet. Puff threw a Ciroc party in a Vegas suite the other night and apparently it was BANANAS. While Diddy is chatting up some random woman Cassie comes downstairs in her pajamas and the two get into some type of argument resulting in him leaving the party with her.

Nelly was also there and even broke one of the party goers phones for trying to take a picture. Shame on you Nelly, it's still hard to come by a dollar out here.

CHRIS VS. RIHANNASo while Matt Kemp was grabbing Rihanna's a** on a hotel balcony you didn't think CB was sitting around pouting did you??? Of course not ... looks like he took his new jawn out for a little shopping...check the wads of cash falling out of his pockets and in his hand:

HUNGRY MANI was watching the full Degrassi Unscripted with Drake from 04 (click to watch), it's kind of like a diary style show with the cast of Degrassi, it's pretty dope to see how far he's come and the way people were talking about him then it was destined. Check out this bonus clip where Drakes mother forgets the bagel with Tuna Fish Drizzy requested...he gets a little upset about it:

WHITNEY BACK ON THAT STUFF???A tabloid is claiming to have spoken with a member of Whitney Houston's inner circle and they say everyone is worried she might be using drugs again. Here is what the source had to say:“Everyone is worried about her...Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out

of it in a short period of time – just like she did when she was

freebasing and using crack cocaine. She is still drinking and with Whitney, alcohol and drugs have

always gone hand-in-hand. She’s worked so hard to get back on top. It

would be tragic for it to go up in smoke because she can’t stay clean.”

Hope it's not true...Cant throw Bobby under the bus this time.

VA VA VOOMFlavor Flav's ex-Hoopz and Ocho Cinco recently had a photo shoot for Urban Ink and Mr. Cinco is a very lucky guy. What ever happened to that hoopz sex tape??

I'M JUST SAYIN'Chris Brown is not happy that Vibe put "R U Still Down?" across his chest on their new cover.Snoop Dogg seems to be getting involved in some pretty left field acting projects...he'll be on the soap-opera One Life To Live next month. He has also said he wants to be on True Blood, the vampire show.Keyshia Cole is having a boy...Monica spilled the beans.The Drake and Jay-Z record for (Thank Me Later) exists ... countdown till the leak begins now!!!!Although Timbaland doesn't do Hip-Hop anymore, he hopes the BP3 leaks don't jeopardize his relationship with Jay-Z; as he'd still like to work with him. But then again Jay said he's the King Of Pop so maybe that's why he'll still work with him.A model is suing Diddy for $100,000 because her billboard was shown in the NotoriousRay.Lil Wayne will be playing Jesus Christ on a cartoon called "Freaknik" set to air on the Cartoon Network March 1. T. Pain and David Banner will also lend their voices.

movie for 12 seconds...on a side-note that movie disappointed me...too jokey...I was hoping for something real like

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