Hip-Hop Rumors: Chrisette Michele a Drama Factor for 'R&B Divas LA?'

AllHipHop Staff

Rumor has it that Chrisette Michele might be the lowkey drama factor in the forthcoming season of R&B Divas LA.

I don't know about this one but a source close to Chrisette Michele says the singer is the ultimate diva, more in the negative sense of the word, which may be why she was cast in R&B Divas LA. I'm told that Chrisette Michele can be moody and unpredictable to the extreme, and that she is known for firing her staff on a whim and then, rehiring them as if nothing had ever happened.

Chrisette Michele has been adamant in interviews, since confirming her appearance on R&B Divas LA, that she won't be a dramaful embarrassment to her mother but shooting for reality TV can put people in unpredictable situations...situations that might bring out other more extreme sides. So, we'll have to see.