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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I heard there is a notorious gang in New Orleans and they are the ones

that have inspired the rappers to get these tattoos all on their face.

I have been told that these guys have migrated a bit since Katrina hit

and have spread their gospel quite a lot. Here is the catch. I'm not

gang expert, but I heard that to get this type of tat, you have to kill

at least five people. We know no rapper is doing that.NEW JEANS FROM COCO

Looks like Coco is trying to get her a$$ets to pay more dividends with a new line of jeans. She sent out the following for fans to see a preview.


You know this already, but I will tell you again. A fan in Canada decides to throw his wallet at Kid Cudi. Well, what does Cudi do? Jumps in the crowd and throw something with knuckles on it! See it here!

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Oh, by the way...Kiddo ended up punching the wrong person!


Shout out to my man Waldo Fo Sho, who's from Vancity in Canada. he gave me some more stuff from the Kid Cudi show. Cudi did like five shows in Canada and the fans were really excited about that! He's doing shows and even opening for Lady Gaga. So Waldo went to a couple of the shows and said the excessive performing and perhaps some other substances took its toll on his voice. Anyway, a rapper from a local groupe jumped on stage like a groupie and was yolked up by Cudi's bodyguard. They straight tossed the poor dude. He also talks about the video you see above too. He said the show was over after the lil' fight with Cudi and the fan.

I also heard that Cudi has quit twitter, because of too many fake Cudi's.


Life goes on. Young Money and Cash Money are planning a tour in 2010. Here is what Gudda Gudda had to say about a tour. Edit: it seems like there may be other plans that will include Wayne if all goes well for him at sentencing.

Here is the video:



She doesn't want to do that.


I heard there is a notorious gang in New Orleans and they are the ones that have inspired the rappers to get these tattoos all on their face. I have been told that these guys have migrated a bit since Katrina hit and have spread their gospel quite a lot. Here is the catch. I'm not gang expert, but I heard that to get this type of tat, you have to kill at least five people. We know no rapper is doing that.


Floyd Mayweather is reportedly under peoples' skin again. He reportedly got the good folks at Interview magazine in tizzy, because he made them wait for him about three and a half hours, say Bossip. But here is the catch. He came in and then left for the bank only to come back three hours later. Wow! That's a lot of money!

Floyd is also reportedly demanding that Manny Pacquio get tested for 'roids several times during their training for their March fight. He doesn't want Manny to get one over on him.


Coolio isn't the draw that DMX was and now the promoters are blaming DMX for the looming failure of the celebrity boxing match. This is not a gangsta's paradise.

T-Pain is now suggesting strongly by this Twitter that something else is going to pop up around the Chris Brown, Rihanna stuff that happened earlier this year. I wonder what? Perhaps RiRi tigered CB before he went all wolverine on her?

Jay-Z's staff reportedly made a video parody of “Empire State of Mind” for the big boss. Hopefully they leak it to the net.

Conspiracy theories are suggesting that Buju has been a victim of the Pink Mafia and is being set up on coke charges.

I hope this one isn't true, but I fear it is. Charlie Murphy's wife has reportedly succumbed to cancer.

Tiger's wife has reportedly copped a $2 million estate in her native Sweden.

Rumor has it, Tiger may have some Black mistresses, but they are riding too hard for Tiger...LMAO! Sike...I didn't hear that.

THE DAILY TWO SENSENot too much popped off over the weekend. So, Chance returns to the rumors and writes up what little I did have to talk about. I have some goodies though and they should be posted later in the day. Stay tuned, but peep this.Oh yea...click here to email tips, news and rumors!


UH OH! Bad news for Tiger Woods. His wife is reportedly exploring her options and has now started to talk to divorce lawyers. What does this mean? Not sure, but its definitely not a good look for Tiger. He's already offered her millions just to TRY and work it out and for her to continue on in this way is not looking too good. Hopefully she comes to her senses - lol. One the real, she sounds like a women of some extreme principles because money really doesn't seem like a deciding factor from the jump.


After some away time, Chance is back with some small talk of happenings over the weekend.

I SEE YOU!!!So I'm flicking through the channels this weekend and who do I see on MTV...Willy Northpole. But no it wasn't a video it was VH1's bad girl going good reality show, Tough Love. Apparently his main jawn is one of the bad girls striving to become wifey material and he sent her a video message telling her what he didn't like about her and what he wanted her to work on while on the show. He even showed up with a huge bouquet of flowers and spent a little quality time with her later in the show. I like Willy Northpole, he's talented and a real humble guy, I was hoping his album did well then Mike died so...oh yea and his girl cant sing...at all.


T Pains former friends and groupmates, The Nappy Headz, are a little upset that he didn't parlay his success into a lucrative career for the set they are even coming out with a DVD to air their frustration. They say the plan was for him to pop and open the door for the rest of them like 50 cent, Nelly and every other crew before them. But, when Pain became successful everything changed. They claim they would show up to studio sessions and he wouldn't want to do anything but when they came back he would have a bunch of songs by himself and they even claim he uses them as an opening act when he comes in town just to get a bigger reaction from the crowd...lol I think it's cute how they expect us to believe that???

Click here to see that!


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A reader showed me something pretty interesting a few days ago and maybe someone out there can clear this up for us. He ran into Young Scrappy recently and noticed he had a cross tatooe'd under his eye. He then see's the same exact tattoo on Soulja Boy's face in one of his Ustream videos in the same spot. I know there's rumors of a rogue faction controlling the music industry could Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy be a part of some covert union as well...hmmmmmmm?????


Folks...you wouldn't like it if someone showed up at your job and threw stuff at you so why do you think it's cool to do it to rappers??? Well Kid Cudi is the latest rapper to have to teach a fan to hold on to his belongings. Some guy threw what looks like a pamphlet on stage and all hell broke loose...word is he actually punched the wrong person...oops:




Shouts to Dem Ohio Boyz ... not all of yall ... just Dem.

Mya says she's not dating Gucci Mane ... is she still dating Maino???

Tiger Woods is loosing endorsement deals and taking a break from golf over this...seriously?????

Feels good to be back...getting back into the swing of things...did you miss me??

Check out a clip from Lil Wayne and Bow Wow's new movie Hurricane Season:

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