Hip-Hop Rumors: Common and Serena Go Surfing, Evander Holyfield Gets KO'd In Court!


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THE AFTERNOON WITH LADY DRAMALady Drama hit me with some stuff in the afternoon so she gets the rumor run for the afternoon. Check out the morning rumors when you get a chance. Click here for that. - illseed and I'm out!Snaps to the kids... Common, Serena, her ass and Diddys love child.... Serena and boyfriend Common were spotted catching some waves in Hawaii!

I have to give it to these two, they are really starting to grow on me!

I didn't think they would last past the expiration on my milk carton

but they seem to really care for one another! Kudos to them ;-) Keep it


As the rumors decrease the new music video releases and picture

sightings increase.. So enjoy two brand new vids and some pics that

came my way!

...and Beyonce has hit us with yet another vid...'Single Ladies'

The way Beyonce moves in this video lets us all know why Jay _______! (I didn't say it yall did LOL) 

And Diddys daughter Chance made her debut at the Sean John Macys fashion show! Oh for those who don't remember Diddy conceived Chance around the same time Kim Porter was pregnant with the twins! You all may remember Kim's statement in which she stated:“I would have preferred to find out from him because that’s a man. I know it’s hard for anyone to say to their significant other, ‘I’ve gotten into some s— and I got a baby on the way.’ But men do get caught up in things; I’m not naive to that." Thanks to Freddy O for the pics! She is super cute... Seems like Chance doesn't get too much burn on the razzi tip so time for her to shine take your spotlight girl ;-) Speaking of.....Baby Mama Drama... Evander Holyfield gets hit... hard LOL As if having a gang of money and nothing to show for it wasn't humiliating enough... it looks like Evander has gotten himself in another jam with his former baby's mother! TMZ reports: Evander has got to pay thousands in child support or face jail time. That’s the knockout punch his baby mama, Toi Irvin, could deliver next week when the ex-champ goes into court to explain why he hasn’t paid up like he was ordered to on September. 1. Irvin’s lawyer, Randy Kessler, says he’s going to make him pay for the ex-couple’s 11-year-old kid — or ask the judge to toss him into the clink. Holyfield made a reported $248 million during his career but has been less than liquid — so he says — of late. Man isn't Toi a little too late to be tryna ring in a Neiman Marcus spree! Evander's hay day has come and gone Ma! Sorry for ya :-(COMMON AND SERENA, WE LOVE YOU!

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