Hip-Hop Rumors: Could Rihanna Beef Cost Teyana Tayor More Than She Can Afford?

AllHipHop Staff

Teyana Taylor is dope enough to get an endorsement deal from Reebok with no album and no signs of one too. But, she must have thought it was sweet and forgot that these soccer moms are out here still! They don't play and artists are walking on eggshells like WHAT. Remember Rozay, Wayne and Tyler all have taken L's this year alone. Anyway, Teyana's new beef with Rihanna seems to be some sort of spring board for TT, because, she tried to do like Cassidy and go hard at her adversary. In doing so, she forgot…you can't play with domestic violence.

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Here is what her Twitter looked like:

Obviously, she is saying that she beats up RiRi and whatever. But she photoshopped an actual image of RiRi post Chris Brown beat down. No. I didn't even know this, but adidas owns Reebok! Duh. Welp! I know RiRi isn't hurting for money and she seems to do whatever she wants, with endorsements. TT may take another letter this time out - an L!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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