Hip-Hop Rumors: Day 26 Perverted? Soulja Girl Messed Up! Khia's Out For Trina's Blood!


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Name The Gay Rapper (Clues Inside)! Suge: Pole Or Fist? No Wedding For Remy!


OK, apparently a female writer for AllHipHop.com interviewed the guys from Day 26. If was supposed to be a very light, frilly conversation about the guys and their success as TV and music stars. Somehow, the whole thing when into Bizarre World. The chubby member Mike was apparently acting a bit strange. I don’t know if I have this exactly right, but he apparently got on the floor during the interview. When he did, he allegedly attempted to rub his “zone bar” area on her foot by straddling her from the floor. The writer supposedly checked him right then and there and the alleged activity stopped immediately. To his boys credit, the other members of Day 26 were like, “WTF is wrong with you?” From what I understand, Mike got mad and didn’t answer any more questions for the rest of the interview.


Have you ever heard of Tory Burch, the fashion designer? No? Me neither. According to the NY Post, she used to date Lance Armstrong, the cyclist. Rumor has it Tory is now dating Lyor Cohen, the head of of Warner Music Group. You know Lyor because he is one of the big wigs that made Def Jam rule in the 1990’s and in the 80’s too. Apparently, they are now in the open after attending an art show last week. My first thought was, “Wait, Lyor is married!” I did a bit of looking and see he got a divorce last year.


How does this work? I heard Jay-Z is going to be doing a 24-hour concert – in one sitting. I am not exactly sure how this works. You might recall in 2006, Jay-Z did that hangar thing where he hit 7 cities in 24 hours - Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. This is different. I hear Jay is going to do a show, one shot for 24 hours straight. I would assume he is going to need a few good friends to make this happen and some super loyal fans that don’t sleep much. Come to think about it, I would be a perfect candidate for that.


That beautiful elderly woman that was dignified even though Soulja Girl was wildin’ out on her was somebody. According to some sources close to AllHipHop.com, the lady under attack was the mother of Morehouse College’s football coach. She basically was like, “Hooo Hum. This is nothing compared to what my eyes have seen and my son is so well connected – I’m GOOD.” Anyway, Soulja Girl is bi-polar so she wasn’t really in tune with her medicated self at that time, but we saw the un-medicated side of her. Apparently, Soulja Girl felt she was able to deal with her ailment without taking her meds. Furthermore, she is reportedly in denial that she is actually bi-polar. Here is the good part. Soulja Girl is supposedly a good mother and person in general. The old woman is not pressing charges and has forgiven Soulja Girl. Soulja Girl is still in jail so we will see how that turns out.


Click Here To View The New Video By The Game - "911 Iz A Joke (Cop Killer)"


Papoose went off in court after Remy was hit with the 8 years over the shooting of her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph. "Get the fuck off me. Fuck ya'll. Fuck jail. I don't care. Lock me up. Lock me up. Take me to jail. Arrest me. It's all about money,” Pap reportedly screamed. Remy was crying. They weren’t allowed to get married over a key, but Pap was clearly not in jail or charged with any offense. She tried to get leniency in a speech, “Throughout this unfortunate case, I was advised from my attorney to stay silent but now I want you all to see me for me and what I've gone through. Reporters and newspapers have called me a 'hardcore rapper,' a 'hip-hop harlot'—Remy Ma is just a music industry name. A facade. I'm not a thug. I'm not a hardcore anything. I have feelings. I'm Remy Smith—No, I'm Remy Mackie. I'm a wife, mother, daughter and big sister." Well, I hope Pap can hold her down for this stretch, because she is going to need it. The people prosecuting Remy were seeing 13 years so she did get a lil’ break.

Notice how Remy Ma used the name Mackie? I heard she and Pap are already “married” even if she and he didn’t technically have a man-made ceremony.


Somebody was beefing about the rumors yesterday. I guess I'm wack, which is something I have maintained for quite some time. Anyway, here is the latest. NATE DOGG died yesterday! Oh my god, its SO not true. Anybody that says Nate Dogg has kicked the bucket, is a liar. Why, because I said so. Nate has had some heath issues, but he is fine.

For the official news story about Nate Dogg, click right here.


Some of you think I run this Signs the World is coming to an end just to be strange and odd. No. It IS coming to an end!

Check out what Dunigan hit me with. A 12 year old girl was reared and raised to be a dominatrix. They were selling her sexual services to people and also selling images of her doing some acts. This is one of the rarities that a parent might be charged in the commercial sex trafficking of his or her own minor child. Here is the AP's report:

Todd B. Barkau, 35, of New York State, and the 44-year-old mother were charged in the seven-count indictment. They once lived together in Blue Springs, Missouri, where the sex business was allegedly run.

"Barkau obtained control of a 12-year-old girl and he groomed, trained and forced her to become a sexual dominatrix," Wood said at a news conference in Kansas City on Monday.

The indictment says Barkau began training the girl in 2000 when she was 12, and forced her to engage in sex acts with him and with other men. According to the indictment, he also had the girl watch pornography on the Internet as a teaching tool."

What the bloody hell is going ON? REALLY, MOM?

Signs The Word Is Coming To An End Part 2 – The Giant 6-foot 7-inch COW!


Here is some of the most venomous stuff from her directed to her nemesis Trina.

With that being said… Ms. Trina…. B***h… I am killing you slowly!!!! Thank you for all the free promotion on Rap City!!! You should’ve twisted that wig back straight before you went behind the booth. Tell your ghostwriter to come from behind that pen… Cuz I wanna diss him for writing you that wack ass bull s**t!!! There will be no more diss records…. The diss will be on the album Nasti Muzik!! Thanks for looking sick!!!! Bitch was you scared?????? Who was you talking about because you still aint said my name???? And its still Allllllllllllllllll Wayne’s!!!!

People wanted me to drag you and embarrass That a**!!! I aint go be no bully!!! Your momma is still bull-dagging and your sister still work at the flea market and I am gonna let you make a few coins to help your family!!!!! I know and you know….. And we know….. That we have to stick together!!!!! Just rewind the first diss record because your album sucks more than you suck on a d**k!!! Aint s**t changed…….. HIT EM UP DISS still applies!!!!!

The full post comes later!


Beyonce’s reps are getting sick of the questions regarding pregnancy (NY Post):

"I don't know if she's pregnant. Let me perform an ultrasound and get back to you."

One more Khia comment to Deelishus:

“B***h you need to join Slip-Slide with Trina because you b***hes done slipped and slid all through the industry!!!!”

Yung Berg responds to Brisco's on the Flo Ridah comment (pushed back like Flo Ridah’s hairline):

“I was just joking about that Flo Ridah situation. I thought everything was love. Aitn no beef between me and Flo Ridah. Ain’t no beef between me and Brisco.”

What God reportedly said to Mase to get him to leave Hip-Hop and start a church:

“You’re walking millions of My people to hell and every time you enter into another city and open your mouth, more people join-in, unaware. But today, you’re going to let their hands go. What I want you to do is, go to Atlanta, learn about Me and I’m going to send you back to stop them before they reach the wrong destination. Then, you’re going to lead the flock back to Me!”


Congrats To Jim Jones! I heard the capo of Dipset and head of Byrd Gang is getting the key to Jersey City!

A Good Juror Is Hard To Find: I heard the prosecution and the defense are having difficulty getting impartial jurors in the R. Kelly trial. I heard that African Americans have been a particular point of contention with regard to impartiality.

Dissed: Yung Berg and Bow Wow never actually recorded a song, as stated by Berg’s reps. Bow Wow never sent the track back with vocals.

Sued: Two members of the 60's group, The Turtles have sued Capitol Records and Ice Cube over the song “Jacking For Beats,” which samples their music. It’s a money grab or they would sue D-Nice, who was jacked for his beat by Cube!

Usher’s Revenge: Even though he got boo’d last outing, Usher is reportedly going back to IndigO2 club on May 22.

Usher And Nelly Hold A Grudge! I love when rappers and singers stand for something. Usher and Nelly turned down a pricey bottle of Cristal champagne at Kelly Rowland's party in the UK. They said they don’t support that mess. PROPS! We don’t forget, sucka!

Semtex Was Here: The UK DJ was at the Kanye Show last night in NYC. I really didn’t hear much, but I heard Chris Brown showed up and sang with Rhianna.

Alicia’s Water Broke? No, Alicia’s rumored to be “water rich” with a new deal with Vitamin Water.

GOTCHA: Former San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds faces new legal woes - 14 Perjury Charges!


Perez Hilton Shows Kanye Has Moved On: Is former fiancée Alexis Phifer is a distant memory? When the Glow in the Dark tour ended on Thursday night Kanye West was just getting started in Charlotte. The rapper reportedly went to gentlemen's club Onyx, according to reports. I even heard Sway of the Wake Up show was there with rapper Consequence. I don’t know if these are the pictures but they are saying something.


"I told her to sit down, in some language I shouldn't have used. Thank God today wasn't Mother's Day. All I could think about is her. I know my mother. It's fine, we're good."


This is a new section called “Come On Down.” Where I stumble over a rapper that may or may not deserve a shot. I’m just giving the ambitious rappers a change to “get on stage.” With that, Buff 1, come on down!

This is BUFF 1's debut video, “Beat The Speakers Up.”`

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V For Vendetta Was A great Movie.


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