Hip-Hop Rumors: Def Jam Shakeup Rumors! Foxy Brown's Enemies Lash Back Over "Lies"

Hi! Remember me? The New Year wouldn’t be the new year without kicking off with some fresh beef from the old year. Foxy Brown went off on AllHipHop.com for what was deemed as bad information. But, there is some major pushback from the people that Foxy has been calling all sorts of names. AllHipHop just got caught in the middle of some internal mess. Here is the official statement from the people that gave the original info about the “Christmas Massacre.”

"Platinum Camp and Nightlife productions strongly dispute the claims being made by Foxy Brown. The whole world already knew there would be a new OFFICIAL Foxy track coming out by christmas because foxy herself announced it every day via her twitter page. The song "U aint ruff enough" previously titled "Christmas Massacre" was supposed to be released on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, we recently got word the record was somehow hacked from a supposedly "secure" server, and then leaked to various sources around the net. The same situation is currently happening with grammy award winning Eminem and Kanye west's new material, and is sadly the nature of today's industry. We fully understand where foxy would be upset with something getting leaked, an artist of her stature certainly deserves better, and we are as disappointed and angry as she is. By the same token, we had a previous release date fully sanctioned by Foxy brown for Dec 24 2010 for the OFFICIAL ,NOT LEAKED, version of "u ain't ruff enuff" (The leaked version is NOT the finished production). Her objections today are the first time we have been contacted in any manner about any doubts by her about the aforementioned official release. We at platinum Camp and Nightlife feel like this is coming totally out of the blue, especially after all the time and money that we have invested in the Foxy Brown rebirth project . We only wish she would have contacted us face to face so these issues could have been handled privately and not played out in the press. We, of course, still have Foxy's best interest at heart and would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible, but we will also vigorously defend ourselves and our reputations from any unwarranted attacks."

There is a whole ‘nother conversation about that that is not fit to print on AHH. Maybe I will put it on illseed.com. FOXY BROWN WE LOVE YOU! AND KEEPING YOU IN THE MEDIA! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!