Hip-Hop Rumors: DeHaven's Revenge! He's BACK For Jay-Z!


DeHaven is back like he never left...or back like his left something!

I’m not even going to add 2 cents. Here is what DeHaven is saying about Jay-Z in the new New York mag.

Random Quotes from DeHaven:

On “Roc Boys”:

“I have no idea what a Roc Boy is, actually. I guess that’s something new that they’re coming up with now. There was no crew back in ’88; it was just me and him, so I don’t know how he got “Roc Boys.”

On the crowd Jay-Z kept growing up:

“He was hanging with some “school”guys. Nerds! We didn’t get together actually until after the fifth grade, in intermediary school. We played baseball and basketball. He wasn’t tough on the court at all. He didn’t like physical ball.”

On dealing drugs:

“No, he ain’t do much selling drugs. I did all that work. He was just a good dude to be around. He was one of my best friends. I taught him some things, but I mainly kept him from being out on the street a lot.”

On being more Frank Lucas than Ludacris:

“I’m telling you he overexaggerates. He was there to see things, but doing some big-time Frank Lucas–type thing? No.”

On why they don’t speak (it seems more than just made men making statements):

“We never really had a falling-out, that’s the problem. This is why I’m so confused. There was no argument, there was none of that. I don’t want an apology [from him], I want a reason.”

DeHaven is creating a book and a DVD to explain his past as well as his relationship to Jay-Z. You know, what happened here? Was it the money? Was it the fame? Did they just take different paths? Can a rich rapper stay cool with the people from his humble past? It all seems sad to me (which I said before).


Here is when we first met the man…DEHAVEN (click the link to get to the old story):

And then there is the video for "Roc Boys," which is sooooooo ill! We in the house!


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