Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox Track Leak?! Foxy & AZ=Old Flames? Mariah's So Icey!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Talks! Amy Arrested! Diddy & Kim Back! Russell & Kimora Fighting!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Khia's PC Broke? Bey-Z Parties! Rev. Al & Sean Bell's Wife Arrested!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Oprah Diss Jay-Z? Shawty Lo vs TI Heats Up! Chris Brown's Bodyguard Busts Heads?



I have just been informed that one of AllHipHop.com’s staffers is officially in the “Notorious” movie! Dennis "Da Menace" White (AllHipHop Direct correspondent) is playing Damion "D-Roc" Butler, who was Biggie's best friend and confidant. Shout out to Denise and we’ll see him soon! Big things!


Here is some stuff for you on Detox.

Dre and the crew have about a zillion songs to pick from. I heard some are from inside and others are from outside of the immediate camp. From what I understand Dr. Dre has scrapped several records that people close by feel are pure hits. The finicky nature of the good doc has caused countless delays on the completion of the album. From what I hear there is a rapper named Prophet, who submitted several songs for Detox. None of the songs for the album were accepted, but I heard the crew actually liked his raps style. They also liked Prophet’s producer WallStreet so they were flown out to Cali for a trial run. Once they arrived I heard everyone got acquainted and started working.

Rumor has it, WallStreet pulled up a sample and started crafting the drums as Prophet began writing the rap. I heard it was cool, but Dre had to work his special magic. I heard he walked in, heard the track and immediately got a studio person to replay the sample. As urban lore holds, Dre got on the boards and started to get more involved with the production. He started to EQ WallStreet's drums making them sound 10 times bigger. Additionally. he had the guitar and strings played over until it was another Dre classic. This song is likely to turn into a buzz single for Detox. I hear Prophet continued to write the record and then laid his vocals to the record so Dre could learn the song. Dre is expected to put down vocals to this song in the next day or so.

A lot of people think this is actually Dr. Dre, but those folks clearly don’t know the good Doctor! The Dre vocals are probably never going to come out until Dre wants that. I’m sure this is behind several layer of vault!


There is a guy named 88 Keys (no relation to Alicia) and he is reportedly working with Kanye West, the executive producer of his upcoming debut. Well, I received this video that has excerpts from the new 88 Keys / Kanye collabo. Check it out, but it’s a bit hard to understand.


From what I heard this is ancient history, but rumor has it, back in the days, Foxy Brown and BK rapper AZ had a lil’ fling. Honestly, I always thought that was more of a Nas thing, but I have been told otherwise. It is rumored that AZ got in those drawers many moons ago, possibly from the “Firm” era. I’m not verifying this as fact, but I am hearing that Foxy lives up to the name ‘The Ill Na Na.”


I will be real honest. I’ve put Ryan Leslie in the rumors quite a few times, but I never sat and studied some of the sciences that revolve around him. Well, I heard a few tidbits about him recently. I head that his recent hit record, “Diamond Girl,” is about none other than Cassie. I assumed he was just singing, but it’s a call out to Cassie. These two were doing their thing when they were in the grind and, in many respects, Ryan made Cassie into what she is now. Don’t laugh, she’s a star! Anyway, I heard he misses her, but might have lost her to a certain mogul in the rap game. Somebody told me Cassie got some diamonds right before she signed to Bad Boy too. Poor guy!


I’m sorry, but you can’t harass and old lady and somebody not tell the cops! Look what has been issued on Soulja Girl! Damn, a warrant and all that, Shawty!

“MARTA police were notified about this video last Friday and launched an immediate and aggressive investigation into the incident. After canvassing the East Lake Station where the suspect reportedly exited the train, we received an anonymous tip that this incident possibly occurred on March 31, 2008 between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The tipster also indicated the suspect has been known to ride Bus Route 22. MARTA police were able to positively identify the individual allegedly involved in this incident and have secured a warrant for her arrest.”

“We want to assure the public that this is an extremely isolated incident and that customer safety and security are our highest priorities,” stated MARTA Chief of Police Wanda Dunham. “We regret that any customer had to endure such harassment while using our system. I also wish the many citizens who witnessed this incident would have contacted the MARTA police so that we could have responded to this situation immediately. We are asking that anyone who witnessed this incident please come forward to provide additional first hand information, which may lead to additional charges against the suspect. If you have any information about this incident, please contact MARTA Police Detectives at (404) 848-4911.”

“MARTA police officers regularly patrol the trains and are available at rail stations to provide assistance. Emergency call buttons are also located in all rail cars, which go directly to the rail operator in case customers need to request immediate assistance. Customers can also reach MARTA Police communications directly by dialing (404) 848-4911 or by pressing #MPD on any AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint/Nextel cellular phone. Blackberry users press #673.”

If you missed Soulja Girl, you need to see it:


Amy Winehouse was personally requested by Nelson Mandela to perform at his 90th birthday. She accepted with glee.

Click here to listen to Snoop’s rap version of soap opera “One Life To Live.”

It is looking like Kanye is going to be the first non-athlete to get a Nike shoe.

Click here for all the latest in the World of Hip-Hop News.


Mariah Carey on why she didn’t want kids and why she may change her mind:

"I never wanted to feel violated and I know that's a kind of weird thing to say, but that's how I am. I don't think I could properly educate a child right now. Maybe in the future, but I actually haven't thought about it. [Kids are] part of the whole purpose of getting married. I’d just want our children to have the best childhood and upbringing they possibly could."

Toni Morrison falls back on that “first Black president statement about Bill Clinton (Time magazine):

“People misunderstood that phrase. I was deploring the way in which President Clinton was being treated, vis-à-vis the sex scandal that was surrounding him. I said he was being treated like a Black on the street, already guilty, already a perp. I have no idea what his real instincts are, in terms of race.”

Shawty Lo talking to Kay Slay about T.I.:

“He ain’t from Bankhead. We don’t know where he from. T.I. come back, he gotta have security with him.”

Here is all the audio of Shawty dissing T.I.


I don’t know if Khia is out the reading, but I have somebody that can help you with your computer woes. The people miss Thug Miss!

“I'm a computer consultant in the ATL and if I'm not mistaken Khia is in the "A". If she needs some PC support please feel free to have her contact me.”

Jermaine Dozier

JD Technology


I got an interesting letter about the T.I. situation. I don’t want to devote too much time on this, but check it out.

I just watched the video of King K-Dot Talking about T.I and I have read a lot of comments about T.I's case and how people feel about the case. With everything I hear and read people are saying that he is a snitch, now everyone is calling him a snitch but no one has a clue who he would snitch on. From what I have read the only people who were involved were him and his bodyguard and the bodyguard set him up. There were no other report of any other persons that was involved with this ordeal so who is there to snitch on? unless T.I was buying guns for someone else but who knows? the point that I'm tying to get at is that this is a case of monkey see monkey do. I say that is because when one reader states a comment of T.I being a snitch then everyone makes the same comment in contrast, when the comment of him being a snitch comes up no one even backs up their comment on who he snitch on. why? because no one has a clue who he would snitch on.


OK, we all love pizza, but this is crazy! The Papa John's Pizza in Shaker Heights Cleveland decided it was a great giveback to the community with a promise to sell a large, one-topping pizza for 23 cents to customers. Guess how many people came through? OVER 2,000! And people waited upwards of 3.5 - 4 hours for a damn pizza! This started at 10 am! This was a citywide promotion that resulted in traffic jams and people that tried to cut into the line were boo’d to the back!

Now, in Philly…a lot of the Black community didn’t come out and VOTE and I doubt that anybody is going to wait 4 hours to vote, even though its way more important than a .23 cent pizza! Should Barak build with Papa John’s to get it poppin’ at the polls?

Part 2 of Signs the world is coming to an end: 3 accused of using corpse head to smoke pot.


He's really smart - check it.


These are the daughters of Run of Run DMC. Its actually hard to believe. They are doing it way big in Harlem.


This is the last video filmed of Stack Bundles before his tragic murder in 2007. Stack Bundles, Joe Budden, and Riot Squad - "You Know What'll Happen."


This is a new section called “Come On Down.” This is the rumor section, but I continue to get letters, emails, myspace pages and all other sorts of people wanting to get on. SO, a ways back, I started illseed’s breeding ground. There were personal people that I liked. Oh well. That didn’t work. So, this is something different, but similar.

I got this letter from dude by the name of Impala Money, who is definitely hungry to get on. He has also been a member of the AllHipHop Ill Community for about three years. Check him out, vote and comment. Impala Money, make your way to “the stage.” COME ON DOWN.


Mariah is in full glow mode. Nick's looking like secret service. "I must save the president!" Kudos!


YOUNG LOVE! No Ice needed. Just spikes and hugs.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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