Hip-Hop Rumors: Detroit Vs. Charles Hamilton? Jacki-O Pulls The 9? Tiny Visits Tip?

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



All the Jay-Z/Autotune hoopla overshadowed a loving act by Jim Jones to his homey Cam’ron. That’s right CAM’RON. I didn’t even know they were working towards amends. I wasn’t there and never have been, but I heard Jim was on stage with all of Dipset and told the crowd that Cam is his brother and he loves him. That’s a pretty bold move to say in front of 50,000 people. Shout out to Jim for that.


Bascially, it seems that the whole Detroit is hating Charles Hamilton. Basically, it seems that Charlie said that J.Dilla (listed as James Yancey) was the executive producer of this upcoming album. Here is exactly what Dilla said in the post:

“I also wanna thank James Yancey for his guidance in putting this album together. Sound wise, I couldn’t be happier. Again, the album was mastered reel-to-reel/digital-to-digital, and I couldn’t have done the entire process without him being a total jerk about me getting that EXTRA vinyl-ish sound. Thanks Dilla.”

“Yeah, James Yancey EPd the album. That was my sound consultant. Google it, come back here and doubt it. Ma Dukes, I gotchu.”

Detroit’s Hip-Hop community exploded on Charles, VERY UPSET. UHM…really, I don’t know what else to say without fanning the flames here. Lets just say that CH needs to issue a statement of some sort that’s very apologetic or very explanatory. I do know this, part of the album proceeds are supposedly going to go to Mrs. Yancey aka Ma Dukes, because she has Lupus. At any rate, good luck and Godspeed.

Click here to read CH's explanation to AHH. Not sure if this is going to help him out though.


I got this off the wire. I’m not messing with Jacki-O, but she denies the charges and said that the club did her wrong.

Rapper JACKI-O was booked to appear as special guest at Level 3 in Tampa, Florida. Sources close to us, whom witnessed the incident, reveal that. While attending the event as special guest, Jacki O was asked to vacate the venue due to Level 3’s management team. Apparently while at the venue an argument took place with one of the venue’s bartenders while ordering bottles.

Allegedly Jacki was immediately asked to leave when she and her entourage was accused of pulling out weapons.

JACKI-O responded to our request for a statement via her publicist:

“My team is licensed to carry concealed weapons in any case. Jack Move Entertainment and its security representatives made NO ATTEMPTS on PULLING OUT any weapons.

We had a problem, we addressed the problem. Unfortunately, some club bartenders have a tendency of assuming that when some customers are partying, they are not aware of their cash transactions.”

No charges were made on anyone that was involved in the altercation.


There is a shot that Uncle Murda aka Uncle M could be the one that goes to G-Unit. I also heard that Unc may have gotten knocked recently.

Well, its not looking good for Buck. I heard the asking price for his contract is $5 million. I heard T.I. offered $1 million but it wasn’t sufficient.

Dipset / G-Unit tour? I am hearing Zeke is talking about it.

I heard Detroit had their Summer Jam and Trey Songz performed. But, there was a deranged female fan that security had to chase around the stage.

Kelly Rowland officially has a new manager.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly attended Pleasure P’s album release party with Terrance J. Or is that the other way around?

Apparently Kym Whitley allegedly slapped the ish out of Tamala Jones for putting her sex life “out there.” Yung Joc is “twitchin!” (illseed for twitter snitchin’)

Tiny reportedly went to see T.I. in jail very recently. It’s been three weeks. I heard that the kids don’t get to see him.

Barry Bonds wife filed for separation. Divorce can’t be far away.


Al B. Sure! and his son Quincy have gotten back together. In case you didn't know, they have been estranged for some time. Just in time for Father's day! Here is the 411.

Wussup World

How’s everyone?

Haven’t updated in a while. BUT NOW ITS TIME! LOL

Real brief, so lets get right to it…

In the past couple of days, a few blog/gossip sites have posted that my father and I are rebuilding our relationship

. I’ve been getting emails, texts, twits, etc. regarding this situation. And YES! This is true. I will say that we are back on the right track and things are starting off well. Now that you’ve heard it from me, you know the deal.

Thanks again!

(p.s — I promise I will be updating more so yall know what’s going on with me and my life etc etc etc… )


Shout out to my homey iegrock on twitter. He sent me the fail of the day. Read all the way down.


Look what I got off the Reuters wire! A woman cut a baby out of her own womb and…smh…just read it.

A baby girl cut from her murdered mother's womb by a woman who later tried to pass the child off as her own was in very good condition, a Kansas hospital said on Monday.

Stormont-Vail Regional Health Center in Topeka also said the case had generated an outpouring of concern and sympathy from the public for five-day-old Victoria Jo Stinnett and her family, with calls, notes and gifts including tiny baskets of infant clothes sent to the hospital.

Lisa Montgomery, 36, of Melvern, Kansas, the woman who FBI agents say confessed to the kidnapping and murder of eight months pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, has been charged under federal law with kidnapping resulting in death.

"She remains in very good condition, resting comfortably in the neonatal intensive care unit," hospital spokeswoman Tami Motley said. She said the girl's father, Zeb Stinnett, had asked that no other information be released, and it was not known how long the child would remain at the medical center.

Lisa Montgomery, 36, the woman who FBI agents said confessed to the murder and kidnapping, has been charged under federal law with kidnapping resulting in death.

The victim, eight months pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, was found strangled in her Missouri home on Thursday with her abdomen sliced open, the baby gone and the umbilical cord cut.

The FBI said Montgomery came to Stinnett's home after inquiring over the Internet about buying a rat terrier dog, a breed Stinnett raised. It was a trace on the e-mail that led investigators to track down Montgomery at her home in Kansas. She had been showing off the child as her own and told her husband that she had suddenly given birth.

Police also said Montgomery had told her family she suffered a miscarriage at some time in the past, though it was not known when or if she really had been pregnant. No information has been released on what might have motivated the crime.

Stinnett said the fact that his daughter survived the ordeal was a miracle.


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