Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 2 Chainz Turn Down YMCMB?

2 Chaniz revealed that he could have been one of the first members of Lil' Wayne's Young Money crew back before Nicki or Drake were even involved. Peep what he told MTV's Rap Fix this week:

"I was one of the first people invited to Young Money, before the album. Wayne asked me. From the outside looking in, I hate to see people look like they clique hopping."

In addition to not wanting to look like a d*ck rider, 2 Chainz wanted to be his own boss and sought to sign a label deal for his T.R.U. record company, versus just signing with another artist. Although 2 Chainz chose not to sign to Lil' Wayne, he still highly respects him and what he can do for an artist's career:

"Lil Wayne is one of the realist dudes in the game as far as opening up doors for people to eat and trickling down to their families. He's one of the most unselfish, talented people that I've been around."

How different would Young Money be if 2 Chainz would have signed with YMCMB? Maybe Lil'Wayne would have taken a different approach to building the crew if he would have started the puzzle with Chainz. Just some food for thought. Do you think 2 Chainz made a mistake by not signing with YMCMB?

Source: MTV Rap Fix