Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Deceased D12 Member Proof Once Try To Punk Suge Knight?

Today marks the six-year anniversary of the death of rapper Proof. Proof was one of the founding members of platinum-selling group D12, as well as the man responsible for Eminem’s success…according to Eminem himself.

by Sydney Lace

Former labelmate Obie Trice recently shared a story about a trip he and Proof took to Las Vegas, where they happened to bump into Suge Knight and Proof tried to punk him. Check out the story below:

I remember we was in Las Vegas. We in the lobby, chillin’, drinkin’. Suge [Knight] walked in. I wanna meet the dude. F*ck all the dumb sh*t, ’Pac dead and gone, but this muthaf*cka had Death Row Records. I wanna shake the brother hand. Proof mad and sh*t. “What the f*ck you wanna shake his hand for?” He pissed at me. We get in a big *ss argument. He tauntin’ the dude. Suge smokin’ a cigar. Proof dancin’ around Suge, talkin’ sh*t. I don’t think Proof knew ’Pac like that, but he appreciated his music and his art. Suge like, let’s go outside. Proof like, “You said that to the last muthaf*cka and he dead” [Laughs].

R.I.P., Proof.

Check out “Dudey” aka “Difficult”, Eminem’s official tribute song to Proof: