Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Fat Joe and His Wife Split Up???!!!

Well, it looks like another married couple bites the dust. The YBF.com is exclusively reporting that Fat Joe and his wife Lorena have split up after 17 years together. According to a source close to Lorena, Fat Joe started feeling himself a little too much after his recent weight loss and began cheating on her.


Lorena discovered a gang of text messages on Joe's phone and also received confirmation from one of Joe's homeboys. The source says Joe's "homeboy" sent her a pic of Joe and his new boo thang, a 26-year-old chick from Dubai, who goes by the name "Ms. Dubai." She resides in Miami - where Joe, Lorena, and their 5-year-old daughter live as well. And Joe has supposedly flown her to several places with him, and even brought her out in public to parties and such.


I don't think Joe and Lorena were actually legally married. Either way, I hate to see a long-term relationship come to an end. It looks like Joe lost some brain cells along with all that weight!

Source: The YBF.com