Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Former Bad Boy Rapper Craig Mack Join a Cult?!

Is Diddy really that bad? Rumors are running wild that former Bad Boy rapper Craig Mack, of “Flava In Ya Ear” fame, has joined a religious cult!

The cult is based in South Carolina and is reportedly run by Brother R.G. Stair, an 82-year old preacher who is also allegedly a rapist and convicted sex offender.

MediaTakeout.com has released audio of a man they claim to be Craig Mack speaking with the cult leader about changing his life. Check out the audio below:

Craig Mack’s family is “very upset” by his decision to join the cult.

If this is true, Craig Mack would be the fourth former Bad Boy artist that has turned to religion following their rap career alongside Diddy. That’s all very weird! What is Diddy doing to these guys to make them delve so deep into religion?

As we saw earlier this week, Shyne has become an Orthodox Hasidic Jew. Loon is a devout Muslim, and Mase is a Christian pastor.

Do you think Diddy has anything to do with his artists taking the religious route post rap?