Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Ice Cube Ban Jay Rock? Rihanna Rebukes Chris! The Drake Plane?

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outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.THE DRAKE PLANE?

People are about to really hate Drake in a few. The rap singer is reportedly in talks to have a plane named the AIR DRAKE. Well, one of my readers didn't know about it and I hadn't seen it so here it is.


Not trying to start no mess here, but I'm getting a rumor that Lil Kim might be joining camp with Gucci Mane. If you remember, Nicki was down with Gucci, but broke camp when he was away in jail. She also broke away from Waka Flocka's mother, who was down with Gucci too. Anyway, Lil Kim performed with Gucci out in Cali for some event at Club Nokia. My sources out there tell me that this could very well be a jab at Nicki, but more likely Diddy. The plot thickens!


Rihanna has flatly denied that she and Chris Brown have been chatting it up over texts. Where does this stuff come from? Have we forgotten this:DID ICE CUBE BAN JAY ROCK?

Recently at the Paid In Full tour, Jay Rock was not allowed to perform. Incidentally. Ice Cube was the headliner. If you remember, Jay Rock had some words towards Cube when he was talking about the "new West" and all the things surrounding that situation.

Here is what Murs had to say to Angela Yee with the video afterwards:

“There was some fear on the part of other rappers that there might be something happening, it had nothing to do with me. I love Jay Rock and Kendrick and the whole Top Dog Entertainment crew. It’s just, when certain artists come and you have to provide a certain amount of security for them, and they’re already in fear of what’s gonna happen, and you invite the person they may be in fear of, then he might not perform…but then for somebody to get on stage and talk shit about the new West, I’m like yo why would you do that? We’re young kids who respect you, I’m showing you respect. I’m paying you to come out. But maybe he wasn’t talking to me, maybe he wasn’t talking to Jay Rock, I don’t know…”


Uh oh! The Dream is about to throw himself under the bus soon. In a recent statement, he said that he and Xtina Milan broke up late 2009. And that would suggest that they broke up a long time ago. Why would Christian be all hurt and amazed and still wearing her ring so late. Also, just before Dream's album flopped, Christina was sending out supportive messages to him via Twitter. Sure doesn't sound like a woman hurting. Perhaps he broke up with her and didn't tell her? Lastly, these cats were just married in December of 09. So they broke up right after the wedding? Sadly, Christy Milli is signed to Dream so she can't even get her career poppin' without asking for a release.


This wedding actually happened last year, but the season is serious for the married folks!

They are a serious couple, ain't they!?


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