Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Bench A Brooklyn Net? Tahiry Takes New Man To Knicks Game?

Jay-Z is a boss.

Damn, I cannot believe how this dude has become such a boss.

And, from what I hear, Jigga man exercised his boss-dom in the Knicks/Nets game the other day. I hope I get this right, because it's 2nd hand information and I cannot seem to find anything to back it up online.

Apparently, Joe Jackon, the shooting guard for the Nets, was off. I didn't watch and so I don't know how off, but he was so off that Jay reportedly yelled, "Bench him!" to coach Avery Johnson! Guess what happened right after? Avery benched him! It seems like Jigga man as an owner is calling coach shots from the sidelines. I wonder what Spike Lee has to say?

Welp! I didn't watch the game and really didn't care either way. But, there you have it.


This is Tahiry and the rapper Moka Blast. And they were spotted by my spies at the Knicks and Nets Game while everybody was looking at B and Jay. Naturally, they asked me, "Is this Tahiry's NEW Boyfriend??" And, there was a bunch of mess that came out of it. "Was she trying to make JR SMITH Jealous??" Smith plays for the Knicks and he and Tahiry had a thing a ways back. Remember this:

UH yeah. It was seemingly and effort to get Joe Budden mad, but it didn't work. JR got fined for tweeting that naked booty out.

Here is the new dude, Moka, who is down with D-Block.

Tahiry Moka Blast

So how does this play into the new reality show with Budden and Tahiry? Its all fake anyway so whatever! What do you think about this?

Illseed, Out.



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