Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Forget the Lyrics to "Empire State of Mind"?

Jay-Z is a man who does not seem easily shook. He's been performing live for over 15 years, has played to sold out crowds at Madison Square Garden. and even sold out Yankee Stadium. This guy is a pro.

Well, according to several reporters who attended Jay-Z's Amex Sync Show on Monday night in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Music Festival, Jay-Z forgot the lyrics to two of his biggest songs! Reports are saying that Hov forgot the words to his Grammy winner, "Empire State of Mind" as well as to the classic "Jigga What, Jigga Who".

The concert received mixed reviews, with one reporter commenting, “The concert’s first half gave the impression of a man performing for a corporate-sponsored promo event. This was not the rapper’s finest 90 minutes." - Wow, really?

Maybe Jay had an off night. We're all entitled to those, aren't we? Anyone see the show? Did Jigga really flub his lyrics?