Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil Kim's Bentley Face The Repo Man?


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YO! There was a report on how the Repo

man has been trying to take Lil’ Kim’s Bentley! Now, I

think they tried to play Kim out, because you know the Repo

Man doesn’t really give warnings. In the video, they claim that Kim was about 4

to 5 months behind on her payment. Kim cussed those fools out and they expected

to her to give them the keys…please! Anyway…no more on that…

To see the video of them threatening Lil’

Kim’s Bentley with repossession, click here.

Wonderful Wednesday to all.... Now to the

juice by LADY DRAMA:

Moving Along....... Ludacris and an Asian

dude Open a Resturant in The


According to sources Ludacris and a renowned

Southeast Asian chef Chris Yeo have opened their Atlanta restaurant called

Straits. Chris Yeo already has a Straits restaurant

in Cali but decided to

team up with Luda to open a Straits

in Atlanta. 

Both Luda and Chris

sat down for an interview with The Atlanta Sunday Paper, and you can Peep that


More on the Biggie Flick:

Here's a pic from the set of the new biggie movie:

Are we convinced? Biggie and Puffy early 90's? Yup I

am the Versace silk silky made it official! While we are on the subject I heard

a soap opera star from 'One Life to Live' will be playing Suge

Knight in the movie. Is Enuff playing himself or

playing himself by playing himself? This should be


Dame Dash and His Baby Mama Drama:

Seems Dame and his oldest son's mother are having issues. According to

sources her son had no hot water or electricity... How foul! Anyway peep it out

via TMZ:

Linda Williams claims that 16-year-old son Damon

Dash II, aka “Boogie,” says he was “living with not hot water [sic] or electricity for two months in his bedroom,” and that Damon took him to the morgue to ID an uncle who committed suicide by gunshot to the head. Worst of all, Damon didn’t spring for $3,600 for hoops camp. Williams

says Damon has been cagey over a promise to put $10 mil in trust for the kid.

Damn Dame it's like that... I don't know Linda I don't believe you, you need

more people ma!

Lil Bow Weezy

has Bigger Fish to Fry...

Seems Bow Wow has been busy working on the set of HBO's Entourage for their

upcoming season. Word has it that although Bow is legal he still acts

like a minor. Not that that's surprising we all

saw his BET special! In case you hadn't :


Food For Thought:

Why is everybody acting like A.Keys got some extreme

makeover? She was always a BAD ASS chick to me! No homo.

Actor Gary Dourdain of CSI was caught with heroin, ecstasy,

cocaine and prescription drugs... Is anyone else convinced that he was trying

to commit suicide?

When will Khia let it go?

Is it just me or does anyone else believe Keyshia

Cole's moms is still on something?

I'm out remember the more you say the less

they listen! Happy Hump Day folks!YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

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