Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil' Wayne Order His Skateboard Crew To Beat Up A Paparazzi?

A photographer in Miami has filed a claim with the Miami Beach Police accusing Lil' Wayne of ordering his crew to allegedly hand him a beat down, as well as damage his bicycle and camera.

According to the report, a photographer spotted Lil' Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside a church right beside a "no skateboarding sign" and decided to take a few photos and record video. Wayne spotted the photog and was not pleased with him taking the photos and ordered him to stop. When the photographer continued, Wayne allegedly ordered his boys to hand him a smackdown.

The photographer says that he was surrounded by eight men who threw him to the ground, spat on his face, destroyed his bicycle, and forced him to delete a few of the photos out of his camera.

The photographer did manage to escape with some photos and his footage in tact. Check out a clip of his footage, as well as the photos here