Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Rick Ross Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery?

We have all heard about Ricky Rozay’s recent health problems, but could those issues have forced him to go under the knife to lose weight via a “lap band”?

by Sydney Lace

According to Media Take Out, a rock solid insider tells them that Ross underwent the stomach surgery a little more than a month ago. Check out a photo of Ross at the MET Gala recently. Does he look like he lost weight to you?

The insider says that last fall, Ross got “LAP BAND” surgery, which reduces the amount of food he can eat…and that he’s got a new diet and an exercise regiment, meant to get him into TIP TOP SHAPE. They say he’s already lost 20 pounds.

I’m not sure I believe this one. Isn’t being heavy set a part of Ross’ appeal? And what about that new “big and tall” deal he signed with Reebok? Wouldn’t that be null and void if he became a skinny dude? Some people just aren’t meant to be skinny – just look at Power 106’s Big Boy. He looked better with the weight.

What do you guys think? Is losing weight a good look for Ross?