Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Serena Create "Beef" Between Common And Drake?


Did you hear "Sweet" from Common? Common was, at one point, called soft. Now people like me knew better. But, on this new song, he's going in somethingcrazy.

Yeah, man, y’all ni**as man, you soft muthfuckers
Yeah my man, muthafcker
Then come around my crib
You know where I’m from
Some hoes ass ni**as
Singing all around me man, la la la
You aint muthaf-cking Frank Sinatra

Now, if you listen it sounds like he's talking to somebody. He refers to rappers that sing and he also continuously speaks on somebody being soft. By the way, Drake did some form of Frank Sinatra promo for MTV. Sooooo...No disrespect, but he sounds like his talking to Drake. But, people are talking. Is this over Serena? Common and Serena broke up, and now Drake and Serena are so much good friends or whatever Drake says.

Common didn't use this much venon when he shut Ice Cube up. He's really mad! What do you think?

I like this dude. This new Common.

BUT, I would be suicidal if I lost this a$$!!!!!!!

Serena ass
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I dunno!