Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Somebody Poop In Lupe's Car? Did Bad Boy's New Act! More Rumors Candidates!


So, I am going to let the Rumor Assistant Candidates do their thing. I’m feeling a lil’ tired and I don’t feel too good. ALSO, I didn’t edit the prospects for grammar or clarity so you, the people can help me pick the right person. Also, I tossed the disclaimer, because I cannot verify or vouch for anything the rumor prospects say! So, see below.


Got Purp??......Nah I Perfer Diddy!!!!

Diddy has just pulled another fast one and signed Janelle Monae right under our nose. For those that don't know she used to be signed to Big Boi's Purple Ribbon All-Stars Label. We can't blame her for leaving but for Bad Boy??? I wonder how Cheri Dennis feels about this being that she was on the verge of getting her shine on.......more to come on this story later!

Lady Drama

Gossip Diva Extraordinaire


Aiight, tha rumors about to start but 1st off let me say thnx fo this opportunity to feed the streets wit my knowledge:

Ayo, allhiphop readers, whaddup, it's your boy Babel from Canada! Let me hit chu up wit some knowledge that I heard that's straight ridonkulous, doggie. I was up working Valet at the spot in the downtown T. Dot and guess who f***ing shows up in a weak ass rental drop?

That's right, the rhyme-forgetter, Wasalu Jaco a.k.a. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Son gets out of the whip on the passengers side (he's rollin' with two hommies and a dime piece like I aint never seene befor). Anyways he comes around the whip real celebritard like and he gets up in my grill, looks at my nametag and he's all: "Ayo, Babel, you park this car real extra nice for me, don't forget you represents Madison Ave", so I say "Yo n***a, i parks every car wit the same amount of care. Don't matter if you 50 Cents or Kriss Angel"... So the man takes out a dollar bill crumples it up, throws it on the ground and says "There's yo tip my N*g".

First of all I thought the boy was on sum Allah shit like not saying n***a and whatnot. Second, i 'm like "Ayo! This is Canada mutha f***a, we aint got no one dollar bills here. Give me a fucking loonie at least".

Bottom line is I took a shit in the back seat of the car while I parked it and I never saw the nigga again. But I heard he was sitting real close with one of the homies. The dime piece was apparently his sister.

(Illseed Note: I cannot condone nor can I suggest this story of defecation in the back of Lupe’s car to be accurate. I do think it is funny. I be CLEAR, I have no issues with Lupe Fiasco, even though Fiascogate is gone…just not forgotten.)


Rick Ross Gets AlBum Pushed back Again?!?!?

this is the second time ross is gettin his album pushed back, if you remember, his album was suppose to drop in dec. the first one [push back] was actually a good move seeing that it was the 4th quater and all, but what is the reason for this one. could it be that they see ricky ross has the potential of hitting platinum and wanna make sure that all his song are up to par. is it money issues, he is over there at def jam, or could it just be ross's decision. i dont know but they need to hurry up and drop it, i wanna see/hear what its sounding like.



I heard that Ja Rule was out in Germany hosting a party that didn’t really get too many people to come out. The promoter hit me up and told me that other artists came out and got a warmer reception. Could this be more signs that Ja Rule is going to retire? I don’t know.

I’m still not sure what all happened with Lil D, the dude that was down with Wow Bow, but a friend of the guy hit me up. This person called Wow Bow a “lame” and said that Lil’ D wasn’t that same sort of person.

I have to wonder what made Janelle Monae sign with Bad Boy. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I am not sure about this, but the rapper named Big Koon was reportedly paying homage to his uncle, who’s last name happens to be named Koon.

Hip-Hop Allie hit me up and told me there is a rumor that Mariah Carey is dating Malik Yoba…that sounds crazy to me. I can’t call it.

Amy Winehouse’s mother is fearful that her daughter won’t live to see the Grammys.

Did 50 Cent diss Eddie Murphy? I don’t know, but I heard that the G-Unit rapper did a recent interview where he said that he was tappin’ Tracey Edmunds, Ed’s ex. I can’t call that one. I can say that she attended his party out at Sundance so there might be some truth to it.

Music producer Stevie J. (Remember him? The Bad Boy guy?) I heard he is getting married to Alexandria Martin! Do you know who that is? I heard “Alex” is the daughter of 'The View' moderator Whoopi Goldberg. WOW!


Read this madness. You know, I just can’t wait for Barack Obama to win! Give us a CHANGE!!! (Thanks Panther!)

2 Women Shot While Holding Their Babies

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Indianapolis, Indiana was rocked to its core by the senseless killings of two women, a toddler and a baby who were shot multiple times while being held in their mother’s arms.

Police are searching for two men who were seen running from the home. The victims were Charlii Yarrell, 4 months; Charlii’s mother, Andrea

Yarrell, 24; Jordan Hunt, 23 months; and Jordan’s mother, Gina Hunt, 24. The two women and the toddler died at the scene. Four-month-old Charlii

Yarrell was taken to Methodist Hospital with several gun shot wounds. She died a few hours later.


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