Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Trina Get Dumped By Text Message?

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James Harden dumped Trina? Apparently, these two were dating in public view and I totally missed it! Maybe Sydney Lace caught it earlier this year…I don't know (here is some of it). Anyway! It would seem that they are no more and James did the dump truck move on the Miami mistress. Why? Rumor has it the folks in the NBA were clowning him because he had her all with his family at the NBA games and stuff. I think all this clowning started with the fact that Trina was dating L.A. Clipper Kenyon Martin for the longest. And he even had her lip-print tatted on him. He ended up covering that up. Apparently, she went to London and was with him then. That's when it became too much for him to bear. James wasn't able to take the jokes and the pressure Trina was putting on him to be his "wife." Apparently - and this is the harsh part - he did it over a text message giving her the heave-ho. No pun intended.

I just realized that James Harden is only 22, but with that beard he looks like he's 32. Trina is 33 for anybody that cares. She still looks good.

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Wait a sec, James. You sure you want to do that?

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