Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy Helps A Fake Rapper! Kelly Rowland's New Man?


You ever heard of Big KRIT? Dude is on the come up! Here is a song of his a lot of people like, including myself. I know this isn’t new, but I thought I would take a moment to pay my respects to a young dude on the come up. I really appreciate this dude.


You know my girl Kelly has a rumor on her. You know this is bogus, but I will do my job and write about it. Basically, people are saying that Kelly is dating Kenyon Martin, a has-been ballplayer. Well, I don’t believe it, but here is the rest of it. You may remember this video with Kelly and Trina.

Apparently, Trina and Kelly are good friends. Now, Kelly is getting some bad rumor talk! Well, we know its not true. Anyway, Kelly is supposedly very interested in dude, but he’s not into her. Now, you KNOW that means its false. The supposedly had three dates or something stupid.


Joaquin Phoenix is trying to rap and boy is his a faker! So, as a fraud would, he goes to Diddy for advice. On the rumor side, I heard this is all a big hoax…but the hoax is running a lil’ long if it is. Below is from a documentary.

Here he is rapping and getting booed and getting in a fight.


I am hearing very little about the T.I. and Tiny case, but one think I am hearing is that its not the best of scenes for Tip. Tell you something you don’t already know, right? We’ll basically, when you are on probation, I am told the parole officer doesn’t have to prove all that much to violate you. Basically, they don’t have to go all into court to put you back in jail. At least the burden of proof is way lower. So, if the cops found drugs on Tip, he’s probably screwed, but if they found it on Tiny, he’s got a better chance. I guess that’s pretty common sense. I heard he’s got a 50/50 shot.


Jay-Z had a birthday dinner for Beyonce and was joined by Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Serena Williams,Sean “Diddy” Combs and both of their mothers.

When you get a chance, peep Maino on The World Of Jenks! He chokes this white dude for questioning him as a responsible person. Some say it was staged, but I’m not so sure.

Shout out to Mike Tyson, who’s 'biggest regret' is not smoking weed with Tupac. RIP PAC.

Since Kanye and Raekwon did a song with Justin Bieber, he’s now a part of the Hip-Hop Nation. Grand Master Bieb recently passed out due to exhaustion associated with too much touring.

Chris Brown’s mother apologized for saying “Michael Jackson died so Chris Brown could live.” Good call Momma Brown.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is now managing Willow Snith, Will and Jada’s daughter. She’s got that song “Whip My Hair” and Rihanna needs to watch her back.

I think I said this yesterday, but Mike Tyson is expecting his 8th child.

If you didn’t see it in the news. FABOLOUS and SOULJA BOY ended their pressed stunt…I mean, beef yesterday!

Lauryn Hill inches forward. She’s working on a new song for Ronald Isley’s new album.


I really tried not to do this, but I had to. Nivea tried to remake a Sade classic. She did the remake, but honestly…she failed. Now, if your reference point starts here, it may not be so bad. But, the general rule is you don’t remake Sade. How many are there out there? I don’t think I never saw one.

This is why Nivea is a fail.


I’m going to take it easy for a few...on my private island...my mind.