Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy's New Pleasure, Superhead's Return?, Mary Moments and NY Gets Headbutted


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Hip-Hop Rumors: More Detox Delays? The Fantastic Four-gotten Movie!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauryn Hill Had Her Baby? Timbaland The Slave?



So, Diddy has a nice lil’ roster on the female side of life, but what about the guys? I’m sure he’s got dude on Bad Boy, but I just don’t know who they are. Well, I am hearing a good one about a guy we all like. Pretty Ricky’s former lead singer Pleasure P is still a free agent and I heard Team Bad Boy might be picking him up. Now, I don’t claim that I know P.P.’s work, but this guy is the only guy from Pretty Ricky who I heard of. No, disrespect, but I don’t listen to the group. Anyway, P.P. might be the right addition to Bad Boy. He’s like the complete opposite of Janelle Monae in every way.SUPERHEAD AT BET!?

One of my buddies was there at BET yesterday with her man, because he was DJing at Rap City. Anyway, a well-known rapper was there, because he was shooting a commercial for Black History Month. I heard the rapper was very cool in person and was just handling biz. Well, in the parking lot, I heard there was a woman named Karrine Steffans, there was no definitive link to the rapper. They have had an alleged link in the past. With that, I’m not saying another word, because it could lead to my death. Marisa, thanks!


I don’t know where this came from, but its pretty silly stuff. Tailor Made (WTF?) and reality show star New York were fighting like cat and dog at Susie Wong's in New York. Rumor has it, Tailor straight headbutted New York and she spazzed out. Errrrr…..on to more madness…


Ew…the coonery won’t stop like Bad Boy in the 90’s. I don’t hate Flavor Flav, but I am a Public Enemy fan. With that, I can’t ride 100% with what he is doing these days. With that said, Flav has reportedly signed on to a new TV sitcom. In the show, he plays - of all things – an ex-convict. The con moves in with his brother and brings all his crook friends with him to wreak havoc on his brother’s conservative home. One thing that cannot be denied is Flavor Flav is a star.


"He had prescription medication in him when he passed away, and the levels were elevated but not real high, so it wasn't an overdose from [the codeine], but we think it was a result of taking the cough medication with his sleeping problems," assistant chief coroner in the L.A. County coroner's office, Ed Winter, said.

I am not sure why most media outlets are saying that he overdosed or something. I definitely don’t advocate the drinking of "lean", "syrup", or whatever, but facts are facts. Pimp had sleep apnea, the same ailment that took away a great Eagle named Reggie White.


Lady Drama hit me with this one-Erykah Does Giant Mag and talks about Andre and Common! Peep what Erykah had to say about her ex's in the new issue of Giant Mag:

“I know about the backlash, the ‘Erykah Badu, if you look at her, she’ll make you change gods and wear crochet pants’ backlash,” she says. “But nobody looks at the things that those people have given to me.”

What have they given you?

“Just so much musical freedom. Common is the most humble person I ever met. Kind and generous. He reinforced that in me. Andre is very creative and artistic. All of that that you see of him, that’s all him. That’s how he is, and that gave me a creative push, too.”

Although Badu is fairly cryptic when discussing her old beaus, she allows this brief, whispered indulgence.

“With Andre, we were both very young, so we didn’t know what we wanted or anything. We just knew we were in love, and we didn’t care who saw us. With Common, it was a little bit more mature.”


I heard Lupe Fiasco recorded a new rap video in Houston.

The UK police are on to Amy Winehouse. They have started to question her and this might jeopardize her US Grammy appearance.

Jay-Z is definitely going to headline this year’s Glastonbury festival- it is fully confirmed.

BONG! BONG! Brandy's mother filed a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian and said the socialite ran up than $120,000 credit card charges without Brandy's permission. Why ain’t Brandy suing?

Aries Spears allegedly fondled a woman at the Comix Comedy Club in Manhattan. He was arrested and booked. I don’t know, but for some reason, I don’t see this happening. GOOD THING CIARA’S NOT ON CASH MONEY


Check out this video. Its from a Canadian rapper named B.B. Honestly, it took me a second to catch on to the flow, but the message is interesting. I guess, my biggest question is about why a Canadian is making a prolific song about the United State voting process.I was having some issues with some stuff with the site so some of what I was trying to post didn't come out. I'll try to re-post later. Thanks!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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