Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Drama's Wife Blasts Kat Stacks? Who Got Dropped?


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My dude Jazzy F. jumps in and gets it going with the rumors! He's got some good ones. Check it out!

Kat Stacks Stans go after Jazzy F. & DJ Drama's Wife put Kats Stacks phone number on blast

I know you guys remember the rumors I wrote about Kat Stacks and the Sucka MCs who are dick riding her for press hoping they can get a career right? We that cause me some unwanted attention from the Kat Stacks fans on twitter. They decided to taunt me all weekend and call me all types of bum b***hes. Kat Stack called them on me for calling her a dumb smut. Ask me if I give a F%^K.

Now if that was not enough Kat Stacks continued to talk her talk about the dudes that she takes from their wives and baby mamas. This time it was none other than DJ Drama. Kat Stacks went in on DJ Drama's wife who she claimed to have put her phone number on blast because DJ Drama had been leaving his wife at home to kick it with Kat Stacks. I asked Kat Stacks how did it feel to have gotten a taste of her own medicine. DJ Drama did reply and denied that he had been kicking it with Kat Stacks.

Kimora Lee-Simmons didn't leave Baby Phat. On her own

I mean when you think about clothing and Hip Hop Phat Farm and Baby Phat are like at the top of the list right? Well it looks like all the chicken heads in the hood are gonna be wearing a different brand due to Kimora Lee-Simmons will no longer be apart of the brand. Over the weekend reports of Kimora leaving Baby Phat made news headlines. Although Russell and Kimora sold the company for more than 100 million seven years ago, Kimora still had control of the empire. Kimora leaving Baby Phat would make anyone say "What You Talking about Willis" and from the sounds of it, this sounds like some corporate bigheads made her step down from the throne. Kimora and her image is what made chicken heads in the hood fill their closets with Baby Phat trying to be as fabulous as her. Baby Phat will take a major decline in sales with this we don't know what the hell we doing in the corporate office decision.

Fantasia and Faith Evans fishing for press?

I stated this several times on my twitter page that I believe the Fantasia sex tape, being sued and the overdose was possibly a publicity stunt. We all know Fantasia is a special ed case and basically music is her main gig and how she takes care of her entire family. Fantasia has been struggling to get back on the top of the charts for three years now. We have seen several artist use their train wreck of a life to gain media attention to sale records after the thrill is gone. How convenient is it Fantasia has made a quick comeback performance and will be doing a Behind The Music special to talk about this mess the same week her album is scheduled to drop. I seen this over on the Fly Guys blog Stuffflypeoplelike.com and all I could do was shake my head.

Now while we are still on the topic of artist fishing for press. Lets talk about Faith Evans. I love me Faith but funny how her new album "Something About Faith" is scheduled to drop October 5th, and she get pulled over on a DUI. Now maybe I am reaching here but Faith has been low key for sometime now and the BAM! new album new scandal in the news headlines. What do you guys think?

Did Diamond of Crime Mobb get dropped from Warner Bros.?

We all remember that Diamond was onher high horse a few years back when Warner Bros. was ready to give her a solo deal which caused the break of Crime Mob. I seen this info a while ago but it slipped my mind as Diamond slipped from peoples mind once Nicki Minaj hit the scene. I do like Diamond and think she has what it takes to hold down he next generation of female MCs with Nicki Minaj but I don't Think Warner Bros. believed it. Diamond is currently on a single deal with Jive I here. The Homie Gyant who happens to keep it just as real as Jazzy F. does hit Diamond up on twitter to ask her about being dropped from Warner Bros. She responded that he needs to keep it cute. Gyant responded don't act like its a secret because people know. I wish I had these tweet shots for you but this definitely happen. If it didn't I would assume Princess and Diamond would not have made up and Crime Mob wouldn't be in talks for a reunion. Check out Diamond latest video from one of those singles "Lotta Money". Shout out to my baby girls Sunglasses designers Coco & Breezy cameo in the video.

Oh Yeah allow me to introduce to you guys the producer behind that street banger "Let Em Lay" by DJ SussOne and Maino. DJ J Buttah who also produced the hot track "Red Dot Special" by Spragga Benz, Kardinal Offishall, Swizz Beatz and Mr. Ugly Man Shabba Ranks.




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