Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Khaled's Big Rap Beef!



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.DJ KHALED’S BEEF IS REAL: MIKE WEST FINALLY SPEAKS!

What’s the deal? You all remember this lil’ rumor about a rapper named Mike West? Well, he apparently had an altercation with DJ Khaled last year and he’s finally talking now. So, this other Mr. West hit me up to give me the low down on the squab and that its ON!

"All the rumors are true of me and Khaled getting into it at WEDR 99 jams last year ‘09 and I had to snap on him for first saying to me, "Looking at me like that you'll get knocked out in this office" at the station. 2) Not keeping his word as once homeboys coming up in the industry together for not spinning my past single "Grand Finale" Feat Pitbull I provided for him to do. 3) Having me waste my time dropping a verse for his “We The Best” project I did after HIS people reached out to me to provide the verse. And they cut me out. 4) Jumping down his neck in the office of the PD for being the fakest person in this industry and not keeping it 100 for all the South Florida artist that we represent. I watched all his moves as time when on from back then til now and I can say he is a TRUE EXAMPLE OF THE WRONG INDIVIDUAL THAT GOT PUT ON AND ALLOWED THE MONEY TO CONSUME HIM.”

Mike West had more to say:

“So to me it doesn’t matter what position he has in this game nor who he deals with.. i shall expose him to the industry & bring him to his knees. This has nothing to do with any other person in this game but if anyone wanna speak on his behalf about this situation they can get it too.”

Here is the diss record that Mike has presented as “Where I Stand (DJ Khaled Diss).”

Here is a scant clip of the the squabble.

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