Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX Breaks Down Crying, Says Mom Never Once Said She "Loved Him"

DMX has worn his heart on his sleeve during this season of VH1's "Couples Therapy". Last night's episode was no different, with X revealing that his mother never once told him that she loved him.

"She had not once ever told me that she loved me. You know what I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are as a man no matter how tough you are we all need to be somebody’s baby.

DMX Couples Therapy

He also speaks on being abused by his mother and longing to call her "mommy." DMX breaks down crying in a very sad scene that really shows that he is still hurting by the rejection from his mother as a child.

"I used to always turn to drugs when I was feeling a certain way and now that I’m not doing that," DMX said. Sometimes when the pressure builds up I call ‘bino’ and be like, “I just wanted to say, “Mommy.” I wanted to say that word; ‘Mommy’!, not my mother. I wanted to say mommy. I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to her to her because I haven’t talked to her in years. I just wanted to say, “Hi Mommy, I love you.”

This is very sad. Check out the video here.