Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX Goes Full Gospel! Kim's Fans Are Mad Again! Baby's Head Tats!



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CHANCE ENCOUNTERSTATTED UPWhy did Baby tattoo over his oil company? Maybe his detractors got to him? Well, he got more stars and I don't mean Young Money. Check out

Birdmans newest ink:

DMX: GOSPEL RAPDMX has been flirting with leaving the rap game alone for the

priesthood for a while now. Well he’s not going Ma$e yet but he has

agreed to help out the Morning Star Sanctified Church. He’ll be

performing for the parishoners Saturday night. And word is he’s doing

it for free. They’re also saying he’s stopped cursing so we’ll see how

that goes.


Khia has had a

long running beef with a lot of females in the game. Well when Trina's

naked pictures and STD allegations hit the net she decided to take the

opportunity to air a few folks out. LMAO you can always count on Khia

to go in like no other:

(read from bottom up)


Some people say the days of over the top displays of wealth are over. 

I say if you got it flaunt it. Check out Plies new "Goon" fitted:


Over the weekend the internet was in an uproar over Jasmina Amena's

mother questioning wether Rihanna befriending her dying daughter was

all for publicity. She now says she didn't actually tweet the tweet in

question but she does wish more celebs reached out after Jasmina

passed. Here's her statement:

“Although I did not Tweet this particular one, I do wish that Rihanna

had responded to me on Jasmina’s passing. It would have meant the world

to me. Jasmina adored her. Rihanna was so kind to come

and visit her. I just felt hurt not hearing anything from her. Or of

any other celebrities for that matter. The only ones who reached out to

me personally during this time of grief were the Obamas.”

You know Barack was gonna do the right thing.


There's a really big Lil Kim Fan site that reached out to Kim's camp in

an attempt to prevent her from becoming the next "Michael Jackson or

Anna Nicole Smith". They say she is surrounded by YES men who are

telling her her skin bleaching, heavy make-up wearing ways are cool and

if she keeps on this path it will destroy her career.

Kim's people were not happy and lashed back at the fansite claiming THEY

were the problem and they needed to mind their own business. Needless

to say the site has withdrawn their support and they are urging Kim to

get her s**t together before it's over. Kim's old assistant/cousin even

weighed in saying she left because Kim isn't listening to the people

who are trying to help her.

Kim Now:

Kim Then:

I'M JUST SAYINLil Wayne shot 7 videos Saturday night. That's 17 in the vault for his prison stint.The IRS says Nas owes them $3,365,671.26. On top of that he owes Kelis six figures.

Solange says Jay and Bey ask to babysit her son a lot. She says the

only thing she doesn't like is that they don't give him a bedtime when

he sleeps over.

Allen Iverson is supposedly on leave from the 76ers to take care of his

daughter but people are mad he was in Charlotte hosting parties with

Jermaine Dupri.

They're saying Trina has an STD because of a rash in one of her nude pics. How can you tell that???

Freaknic!!!! Somebody hit me on Facebook and gave me dates and all that...If it goes down catch me in the A!!!!There

was a lot of false information on Guru floating around last night

including an RIP Guru Trending Topic ... well he's out of surgery and

so far doing fine:

CAPTION THISPeace - Check Out More @ ChancesWorld.comDMX, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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