Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Mary J. Blige Sing For Chicken? Jay-Z Reps For RocaWear!

The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul, Mary J.Blige, is featured in a new Burger King commercial where she sings her heart out about the new crispy chicken wraps. Okay, then. Check out the video below - watch it now because her people are reportedly pulling it due to negative press:

Does Mary's little diddy make you want to try the new crispy chicken wraps at Burger King?


In somewhat related news, Jay-Z is also getting his commercial on in a new ad for RocaWear, "From Marcy to the Barclay". In the new spot, Jay-Z explains how he challenges himself and attain new goals. In the spot, Jay explains:

“My goal was to have one gold album and that was it. And then it became, I want to show that an artist can ascend to the executive ranks.” Ultimately it has been Jay-Z’s ability to inspire his customers that has afforded Rocawear over 10 years as the number one brand in its’ space. Carter continues, “Rocawear just keeps reinventing itself and redefining itself every single day.”

Check out the spot below: