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What is the hell is going on here? OK, let me calm down.

You know, I am Hip-Hop! Do you know what that means? It means you have a certain code that you live and breath by. No need to go into all those “rules.” Now, I don’t know what is going on, but something is up! I demand an explanation from somebody!!!!! I like Drake and think that he’s very talented. Kardinal Offichall is official!

What we have here are a pair of duplicate songs with the same hook and the same beat! I thought Drizzy was behind the pen since he sung the hook, but it would seem not. Now, I can’t assume anything! I cannot say I know what is going on, but people are trying to find out. But, it seems that the producer of the track created the hook as well and “sold” it to Kardi last year sometime and then resold it this year to Drake.

Before you do anything, peep this.

Kardinal Offishall feat. Rock City – “Bring It Back”

Here is “Forever” with Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem

Recycling is more prevalent in a “green” culture and it seems that is also the case in Hip-Hop.


Bleek is the man, and not a weed carrier like some jokesters have suggested. He's riding on Timbaland's people for these leaks on Jigga man. Peep it. LOL...If they won't battle The Game, get it on with Timabaland!

“Man , you know where that's coming from. That's Timbo's camp. Somebody is playin' dirty. It's cool though. I like to see the people's opinions. I've been reading the comments on Jay's records saying that the beats don't sound like this or that. I think they just set the bar too high for my guy.”

Also, Bleek said that the song "Ghetto Techno" WILL NOT be on BP3. I'm not picking sides, but it seems a bit shady to me. These dudes go back pretty far so I don't know... and that's the facts.

Source: thisis50.com


I have decided to comment on Miss Mouth for a bit of fun. My comments are in black type.


Maybe Christina

knew something that we didn’t. Congrats to The Dream for becoming

the new executive V.P over at Island Def Jam.


I really wish

that Ghost Face would stop blaming Hov for his single “She’s A Killer”

flopping. Everybody knows that the real culprit is Ron Browz. That dude

sucks and Jay’s “D.O.A” had absolutely nothing to do with it.

To be perfectly honest, as always, the only time that I want to hear

a Ron Browz’s hook is when it is clearly being overshadowed by a Jim

Jones’ verse. I mean come on Ron, “Ether” was quite a few summers


(Illseed's comment. This comment is what prompted me to jump in! Miss Mouth is buggin! I just bigged up my man Ghostface just TODAY! Ghostdini is the man and one of the best of all time. I should have put him in my Top 5 Dead or Alive!)



My husband

(he just doesn’t know it yet J) is working on a new

album. It is slated for release in November and is called “Priceless.”

That is such a fitting name. Baby has been quoted as saying, according

to Sohh.com,


have my album, we have the Young Money [compilation] album, we have

Wayne album, we have Jay Sean album,

G. Malone coming out. All this coming out third and

fourth quarter so you know, we just been getting it together and loading

it up...I think music goes with movies

-- I think with music, there's so much more we got to do. I like what Michael Jackson did, Michael Jackson was a billionaire, that's my goal. That's our goal as a company, to be a billionaire. That's a lot of hard

work...We just signed Bow Wow, he's on Cash Money

now. That's official. To me, I'm just trying to build something, like

the Lakers. Do it every year, repeat."

Spoken like

a true king.

(Illseed's note: LOL! MJ was paid but, Baby is wrong...he wasn't a billionaire. He had a lot of debt, but a lot of assets as well. His cash was like $400 million. Nothing to sneeze at! But, KING? OK, fine. If a Baby is a King, then so is a Ghost! )



That’s understandable.

I guess he got tired of scaring white people.


Short Dog was

arrested for his 2nd DUI in Vegas recently. Apparently he

is just a repeat offender, so he needs his license taken immediately.

(Oh yeah and T.B.D, I am going to need mine back….bastards.)

(Illseed note: I wish they would take me off the streets!)



I mean he was

charged with “making terrorist threats” right? So that would technically

make him a terrorist j/k. Juelz Santana apologized to his fans via



I would like to truly apologize to all my fans especially females that have heard or read anything bout me that may have disturbed you," he wrote. "A! Believe None of What you Hear, and Half of what you see & Always ask yourself, Where do people get their information

from? Smh"

(Illseed note: no comment, but LOL!)



Shout out to

all of my new twitter friends from Allhiphop. I joined the craze late

and they have been showing me the ropes. Can you believe that after

I called Nefee a crack baby, I lost half of my freaking followers, losers!

Are folks really riding that hard for Nefee, REALLY??? SMH With the

exception of Illseed J, I guess folks really love their reality television, (almost) as much as I do. [Poor Lil

Keyshia & Nefee]

(Illseed note: I hate reality shows, but I proposed something to my boss bosses about getting this junk in the TV section. Stay tuned, MM!)

[Poor Lil

Keyshia & Nefee]




P.S.: she is still a crack baby!

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