Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake's New Beef! Nas' New Beef From Old Friend! Yuk's Chain!


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CHANCE ENCOUNTERSPeep what Chance has to say these days! Drake beef? Nas beef? OH BOY!


My homey T-West hit me up and let me know Big Page is not happy with Drake. I'm not sure exactly why he's upset but he turned to Facebook to air out his grievances. If you're not familiar with Page he was one of Aubrey's closest friends before he became Drake. The two released a pretty hot record too "Still Fly". I did hear a version of the song where Drake says "I hope you don't get upset Page" and does his own version. Maybe that's why:

Here's their video:


These two are looking like they are becoming quite chummy. They met when she guest starred on his show and talked about letting all her ex-husbands smash on the first date, they hit up some Oscar after-parties, she went on Wendy giggly and said she wanted a second date, now here they are hanging out in the studio.


Diddy was hosting a party earlier this week and made a statement that ruffled a few feathers. He claimed that "if you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee”. Well a few American Vodka companies got upset and have decided to stage a protest in front of his Time Square Sean John billboard. At 2:00 today (March 25) they will be pouring liters of Ciroc into a toilet bowl. They're demanding an apology from Puff. Let's see if they get one.


Remember that dude Quan who was supposed to be Nas's protegee a little while ago??? They put out the song "Moment Of Silence"??? Well I dug dude and was wondering where he went. Apparently he and Nas had some kind of falling out and they aren't on the best of terms now. He's even recorded a diss record coming at Mr. Jones. Check out this footage my FB homey sent over where Quan talks about their relationship:

I'M JUST SAYIN'Wow ... someone wrote that chick Kat Stacks I told you about the other day and told her Cassidy gave her HIV. Thems some serious allegations there.

JD is bringing back So So Def with his new artist Jola.Mariah Carey was working on a remix album with rappers??? Oh well ... it's been cancelled.

The guys who stole Yukmouth's chain are selling it to the highest bidder. They say he can get it back for free if 40 Glocc goes to pick it up.Teyanna dropped her version of Smooches ... the song Kelly Rowland was accused of stealing.

Lloyd says he passed on the Young Money deal because he wasn't happy about going back to Universal/Motown...where he was with Irv Gotti.Atlanta rapper Pill may be getting a Gangsta Grillz real soon.

FANDEMONIUMAsher Roth and Justin Beibers manager was arrested for nearly causing a riot. Apparently thousands of fans showed up for a Justin Beiber signing and cope asked him to send a tweet via Justins account to say it was cancelled so more people wouldn't come. He didn't do it for an hour and a half.

Speaking of JB I hear the Def Jam offices are now a shrine to their new golden boy. Even Rihanna's posters are tucked away out of sight.CHECK OUT MORE @ www.ChancesWorld.com



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